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Hello all here is next episode

Recap: Doctor finds a treatment for Riya. Abishek suspects foul play in Kevin’s murder case. Urvashi informs Kartik about Samarth’s accident

Episode starts

Naira: Kartik what happened?

Kartik connects Naksh in conference call and tells them what Urvashi told

Kartik: I dont think I should believe her

Naira: What if her news is correct, we cant risk it

Naksh: Ill go to Mumbai and find out

Naira: Kartik tum bhi jao na

Kartik: Mein?

Naira: Arrey 7 months have only happened..still time is there for your beti to come

Kartik: Last time when I left,,you,,

Naira: I wont go anywhere…promise

Keerthi: Ill take care of her Kartik

Gayu: Ill come too


Gayu: Please Kartik

Naksh: No Gayu you have to be here. If we 3 go they will doubt

Kartik: Right..Ill say that I have some work and Naksh can join me

Naira: Great the tickets

They get busy to leave. The scene freezes.


Romi arrives with Adi at the hospital to sign the papers. Riya Ishitha Shagun and Aliya are waiting for them

Ishitha: Romi atlast a treatment is found

Riya: But chances are just 30%..what if..I..

She starts to cry. Romi hugs her

Romi: What if you fall in that 30%..Riya we have faced a lot of troubles..but we never accepted defeat anywhere..lets not do it this also…lte sfight

Aliya: Chachi we are will you in this fight..we will win

Everyone boost Riya’s morale and Romi signs the paper. Riya is taken inside the theatre while other wait anxiously outside. The scene freezes

Kaira room

Naira is packing Kartik’s things. Kartik enters. He sits near her and she rests her head on his shoulder . He wraps his hand around her

Naira: Kartik ..chachu will be safe na?

Kartik: He should be..bechari Gayu

Naira: Not only Gayu di..her child’s future also depends on Chachu’s well being

Kartik: I still doubt Urvashi..what if she is playing games

Naira: Be safe huh Kartik

Kartik: I dont worry about myself Naira, in my absence what if..

Naira: one can touch badi and chotu sherni. Its Mendak who needs protection

Kartik kisses her gently

Kartik: Promise that you wont take any risk have your medicines juice everything on time

Naira: Promise

Kartik gets up , takes her leave and comes down with the bag. Naira is watching from the last stair waving her hand to him . The scene freezes

Bhalla House

Ruhi and Anika are playing cards in the bedroom. Ruhi’s phone rings. She runs to it

Ruhi: Hello

There is no response. She disconnects the call and gets back to the game. Her phone rings again , she declines it. It rings again

Anika: Who is that?

Ruhi: Some random number didi

Anika: Ignore it

Ruhi keeps the phone away and concentrates on the game. But the call keeps on ringing. She is frustrated and throws the phone away

Just then the door bell rings. She runs there to find Vihaan and Adi

Ruhi: What happened?

Adi: Treatment is going on. We came to get a set of clothes for them

Ruhi: Ill get it

Vihaan walks in and finds Ruhi’s phone lying on the floor. He picks it up and finds the phone with a crack

Vihaan: Didi is everything alright?

Anika: Woh..she was getting continuous calls from someone that’s why she got frustrated

Adi : What number is that Ruhi?

Ruhi: Dont know which idiot is that bhai. He really pissed me off

Vihaan: I can see that..that Ruhi who will jump to heaven and hell when someone touches her phone has broken it herself shows it clearly

Adi: Ill give the number to Abishek and ask him to have a look

Ruhi: No bhai its..

Vihaan: Its important…with everything going around us we need to be cautious. And take care to not let Naira or Kartik know about it

Adi: Exactly..just now they are having a lot of problems because of that Rhea and Puru

Ruhi: Okay Bhai I wont tell them

With Adi and Vihaan leaving with Ruhi’s mobile the scene freezes

Night Mumbai

Kartik and Naksh reach the hospital mentioned by Urvashi. They rush to the reception

Naksh: Is Samarth Goenka admitted here?

Receptionist: Yes sir..he is in the critical care unit

Naksh: Thanks

Kartik: Where is it?

Receptionist: Straight and then left

Kartik: Thank you

They rush and then only the receptionist realises that its Actor Kartik. The gossip spreads through the hospital

Kartik and Naksh run to the ccu

Kartik: We are relatives of Samarth is he?

Nurse: He had a major accident sir…few burn wounds and an injury to head. He is really critical now

Kartik and Naksh get shocked. Crowd surrounds them. The scene freezes

1. Urvashi’s villanous plan
2. Riya has a good news
3. Who is Sohail?
4. Shivaay Singh Oberoi’s temper

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