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Kavya gets angry hearing Vanraj’s conversation with his lawyer. She picks stone and asks him to hit her hard with it and end her story as his excuses will not end. He asks her to stop her nonsense. She asks why was he asking lawyer to cancel divorce. He says he cannot leave Anu alone in her critical condition. She says unfortunately Anu’s illness is not short lived and if he thinks he will take divorce after Anu gets well completely, that will not happen; Samar and Nandini’s engagement can be postponed for 2-3 days, but not his divorce and he has to take divorce at any cost. He warns her to dare not give her orders, he already has Samar and Nandini’s engagement and Anu’s illness pressure and no one knows how to deal with it, he doesn’t want to put a pressure of divorce on his family and neither he will take it. She asks if he will not take divorce then. He says no, neither he will and will not let anyone force him.

At cottage, Samar and Nandini arm wrestle and Nandini wins. Samar says they feel so good together. Baa cries and says she remembered why they are all here. Anu says the reason is bad, but they are all together; everyone’s busy life has halted due to illness, but they cannot let illness win; the will not accept defeat and gather tiny bits of happiness; they realized the value of time spent with family and were running behind fake world, so when they are getting this wealth, they should grab it with both hands. Baa smiles. Vanraj returns to cottage fuming but relaxes seeing family enjoying. Ittisi Hasi Ittisi plays in the background. He completes a puzzle game and says like without a piece, this puzzle was incomplete, similarly his family is incomplete without Anupama. Anu holds umbrella over him and says both women and men want to be young always like he doesn’t want to be called a father-in-law; even she wants to be young always and enjoy watching her grandchildren growing up; he should do something and not let her go. He holds her face emotionally and says he will not let her go anywhere and hugs her. He then realized its his imagination. He then sees Anu dancing with family and then Kavya’s words that Anu’s illness is not short lived and his divorce shouldn’t be postponed. He thinks this divorce will ruin his family’s happiness, so he needs to do something.

In the evening, Samar plays board game with Pakhi and wins. She walks away fuming saying he won by cheating. He gets happy thinking he can play with Nandini now. Nandini messages him to meet her at a place near gate. He walks there, and she switches on decorated lights and surprises him. He hugs her and says his girlfriend is best and calls her soon to be Mrs. Shah. She says she will not change her surname after marriage. He says he will change his surname to Samar Nandini Iyer then. She laughs. He holding her hand sits and says he is very happy seeing mummy happy after a long time. She says mummy is more excited than them regarding their engagement and suggests him to inform mummy about her past as she doesn’t want mummy to know about it while they exchange rings. He says he will think about it, lets not spoil mood now and dances romantically with her. Yeh Hai Pyar Pyar.. plays in the background.

Kavya calls Anu’s lawyer. Advaith visits Shahs and thanks them for inviting him for dinner. Anu says she will bring chair for Baa. He jokes that chair is for old people and not young. Baa sits on floor with them. He says he can treat her knee pain. She jokes that she will pay his fees by teaching him to braid his hair like a girl. He says thank you and asks if they usually have food sitting on floor. Vanraj says they usually have it on dining table and during festivals on floor. Kavya calls Anu, but Vanraj stops her and asks to have food first. Kavya looks at Anu via binoculars and waits for her to pick call. Anu picks lawyer’s call who informs he about divorce date day after tomorrow and Vanraj denying to divorce her. She signals Vanraj to come aside. He walks behind her tensed. Kavya thinks V will never inform about divorce and Anu will not hide it and force him for divorce. Anu walks aside. Vanraj says he doesn’t want divorce in this condition, so he didn’t inform her about it. She says she wants it though. He asks not to get adamant, calling her Anu. She warns him to call her Anupama and says Baa has arranged pooja tomorrow to fix Samar and Nandini’s engagement date and they wil go to court for divorce day after tomorrow. She walks away, and he stands tensed.

Samar and Nandini return to cottage. Advaith says they missed such a wonderful dinner. Samar says they didn’t know he was joining them and says he will also grow long hair like him. Baa scolds that he will look like pooja coconut. Anu returns next. Baa asks where was she. She says nothing and picks utensils. Pakhi asks where is papa. Advaith goes to check Vanraj. Anu nervously drops water glass and picks broken glass pieces with bare hands. Samar says she will get injured. She says it will not now as she is habituated to bear pain. Kavya thinks Anu is still upset, but is not informing family yet; she will as she is not like V, thinks its weird that she is trusting Anu more than V, she trusts Anu and her promise, and Anu shouldn’t let her down.

Vanraj relaxes on stairs. Advaith plays O Manjhi Re Apna Kinara…song on bansuri/flute. Vanraj sings the song remembering happier times spent with Anu, her adamant decision, Kavya’s order, etc.

Precap: Anu and Vanraj start Samar and Nandini’s engagement.
Kavya enters and says they need to cancel this engagement.

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