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The Twisted game of Destiny-The Interview ep.12 IMMJ2 Fanfic

My Saviour- Riansh OS IMMJ2


Riva: Please don’t do that!! I beg of you! Mom!! (hit) Ahhh!! Who are you??

Unknown: VR (laughing) soon over.

Riddhima: Riva try run away!! Please don’t do anything to her! (hit) OUCHH!!! Riv…riva…goo. (fainted)

Flashback Ends

Vansh: Sorry what did you say?

Rivan: She didn’t say anything (covering up) Riva! Riva!

Riva: Huh? (lost) I’m sorry (she leaves)

Vansh: What happened to her? Why did she leave so abruptly?

Rivan: Sir I don’t….. (realizing) oh shit!! Riva!! (he ran behind her shouting)

Vansh: What happened to him (mumbling) (iski adaat nahi jaane wali 😂😂) Let me go check

Rivan: (shouting outside their room) Riva!! (banging the door) Open the door!!

Vansh: Rivan! What happened!! Riva!!

Rivan: I’m scared…. What if she does something to herself! She can get attack again!! No no, Riva!!

Vansh: What!! She gets attacks! Why?

Rivan: Our childhood…. Was one that none should have! She gets the dreams and flashes of that incident! She gets anxiety attacks and seizures. She can either harm herself of even just pass out. (Breathing heavily worried) I don’t suffer as much she does, she witnessed it all!

Vansh: What!! God nothing will happen to her…. As far as I’ve known her she’s brave, she will overcome it! (encouraging) Didn’t your parents do anything about it?

Rivan: ……….. (no answer)

Vansh: I’m asking you something? (heard something breaking)

Rivan: Riva!! Riva please open the door, please!! (crying and banging the door)

Vansh: (on phone) Angre bring the spare keys of Rivan’s room now!! Urgently!!

Rivan: You have the spare keys! Please get them fast!

Vansh: Nothing is impossible for Vansh Rai Singhania to get, Angre’s just coming with them.

All this time while they waited for Angre to come, they could here noise from inside the room. Every time something shattered or broke, their heartbeats would start racing, in the worry of what might be happening. The rest of the family had arrived and were trying their best to comfort Rivan. He was shattering from inside, it was as if it made him feel guilty of not being able to protect and save his sister. Vansh had started cursing Angre for the delay. He had some weird feeling cooking inside him, feelings of concern, and feelings of worry. It was as if he was scared too, he tried diverting his mind from the hideous thoughts that were over powering his mind, the negative thoughts.

Rivan: Riva please!! I hope she’s not fainted!! Riva!! Open, look relax and calm down…. Riva!! Mr VANSH!! (anger) Where on earth are the keys!! My sister inside is dying and the keys are nowhere to be found! God forbid if anything happens to my sister, I’m going to hold you equally responsible for this!! (trying to calm himself) I’m sorry uncle, but I can’t take this anymore. I don’t know how she is inside, I need to reach her soon. I’m sorry for my anger but you’re a brother too so I believe you can understand what I must be going through.

Vansh: (amazed at his maturity) Angre!!

Rivan: I don’t think I should be delaying this matter, I’m going inside the room through the window. (was about to leave)

Angre: Sorry boss, it took a while to find them. Here (handing over)

Vansh: Give them (took the keys)

Vansh immediately snatched the keys and was unlocking the door. Rivan was on his toes, ready to barge in as soon as the door opened wide. He was getting impatient and so was Vansh. His hands were shaking while unlocking the door, he didn’t know why it was happening but he just wished everything inside would be fine.

Vansh: Why isn’t this damn door opening!! Is it jammed?

Rivan: What…. Why now!! God why are you doing this! Let me try

Shayne: I don’t think you should try, look at your state. Your hands will shake the way mamu’s hands were shaking. I’ll do it for you. (he opened it instantly)

Rivan: Thanks Shayne! (pushing the door) Riva!!

Vansh: Riva.…..

Precap: An emotional breakdown and a deal

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