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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 13th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone cries for Bhim Rao to wake up, Ramji suggest leaving him alone. Bala sees Gopal standing outside, he went to him. Gopal inquires, Bala explains that Bhim Rao came running and then fainted. The Guardian requests Bala to stop Bhim Rao for protesting against the Murti’s inauguration. Bala remembers that Gopala and the Guardian thinks of him as a fool. Gopal praises Bala for his intelligence, he asks Bala to make sure that Bhim Rao doesn’t create a scene. Bala recalls Bhim Rao mission to find Gopal’s’ reality, he asked for the teacup. Bala went inside to search the teacup on Gopal’s’ permission. Baa searches the house; he claims to serve Gopal with the injustice they have done.

Gopal hallucinated about the murdered man; he woke up in fear. Everyone questions Bhim Rao, he explained the incident occurred of a man dying Infront of him and then coming back to life after a while. Bhima Rao was worried. Anand said the Bhim might have misunderstood the situation. Ramji asks Bhim to relax as he will investigate the incident. Meera asked Tulsa and Manjula to take Bhim Rao inside to take rest.

Pandit told Maharaj to initiate with a Pooja. Mangesh arrived to inform that Raja is not in town to inaugurate the Murti. Maharaj wished to wait for Raja’s return meanwhile, prepare for a grand commemoration by inviting neighbor villagers. Sethji was satisfied with the given time since Gopal has started his mission to drive Bhim Rao crazy. Sethji was of the view the Bhim Rao will be roaming around the village as a psycho begging for help on the inaugural day.

Sitting alone in the room Bhim Rao recalls the incident. Gopal threw a letter from the window, Bhim Rao reads it and rushed to inquire. Bhim Rao went to the window, Gopal takes the letter from his hand, blinded by the window folds Bhim couldn’t see who the culprit was. Eager to know, Bhima Rao runs out of the room. Everyone inquires him, Bhim Rao shouts that some people claim to burn Puranjan’s house, he runs to save it.

Ramji told Puranjan that he as investigated the situation, but everyone was clueless. Puranjan was of the view that it might me a new tactics to let down Bhim Rao. Bhim Ro came running toward Puranjan, he told him that someone wishes to burn his house meanwhile, Gopal lights up a bush on fire. Seeing the fire Bhim Rao rushes over, Bala advised to take Bhim to Vade jee. Maharaj came a told Ramji that his books have driven him crazy, if followed the Dharm he would have been normal. Maharaj offered Ramji to join him, he will cure Bhim Rao.

Bala brought medicine from Vade jee, he suggested it on the account of Bhim’ mentally unstable health. Bala prepared the dose. Anand blamed Bala for Bhim Rao mental condition, he has been upset since Bala betrayed him. Puranjan said the Bhim Rao has always fought for his people with bravery and valor, it is disappointing for tall those people he fought for since he sleeps in his father’s lap ill and unstable.

Gopal wished to end Bhim Ra.

Bala applied medicine on Bhim Rao and cried badly. Meera consoled him. Bala hugged Meera blaming himself for his foul actions. Ramji advised him to help Bhim Rao out of this situation rather than crying for his mistakes. Bala promised to do so. Puranjan advised Bala to stay away from violence. Bala must not lose hope, he needs to stay strong. Bala has learned only one way to fight, this time he promised to use act wisely on it.

Gopal will spread the word of Bhim Rao madness around the village. Words are enough for cultivating thoughts. He will drive Bhim Rao mad with it.

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