Will He Fall For Me? – (Episode 1) Meet our Dreaming Princess Riddhu – Telly Updates

Hi friends Thankyou For your lovely comments and wishes . I hope I reach to your  expectation for the first episode .

Here we go

In the beach

A backside of a couple is shown . They are sitting on the sand in the beach enjoying the waves touching the feet and the sounds of the wave and gentle breeze make them settle their forever . The girl lay her head slightly in the boy’s shoulder  . She is holding his hand tightly as if he will ran away from him . The girl said looking that the beach not even taking her head from his shoulder .

The Girl : I Love You

suddenly  a big wave came and a scream of the girl is heard.

The  girl : Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

The girl woke up from her bed  with her face fully wet .( I think all guessed it right . Yes she was indeed dreaming ) .Then her eyes fell on  a boy  who is laughing  and the next moment the boy’s face was fully wet as the girl poured a jar full of water in his face . Next moment a pillow came towards the girl and hit her face and  then the boy received a pillow that hit his face . Like this the pillow fight started . Hearing the sound from the room another  boy of came  there .

The boy 2 : Stop it (  he shouted and the whole house shook because of his voice )

The boy and the girl stopped their fight when they heard the voice . The girl looked innocently at the boy  2 who shouted at them . Now the boy 1 was nervous as he is caught the girl will surely complain about him so with no other way to escape he bend his head down not before seeing the girl smirking and boy 2 ‘s angry glares at him .

The boy 2  : Riddhima and Aryan if you are with your so called pillow fight now can you both get ready for the school . It time is  already 7 crossed . ( he shouted )

Riddhima quickly hurried to the bathroom with her towel and dress while Aryan was about to leave when the boy stopped him .

The boy : Aryan how many times should I say you not to fight with her . I know you ‘re the one who first poured water on her . It has been just 3 days mom and dad went out for a business deal. But in these 3 days I saw that you are becoming a immature child . You are elder to riddhima you should be an example for her . If you are doing like this then  I am sure I will ask mom and dad to send you to hostel .This is your last warning Aryan if you do such things next then I am sure your next day will be hostel remember it .

Aryan : Ok Kabir Bhai .

Saying so both the brothers left from there .

At  8:30

Kabir was sitting inside the car waiting for his Riyan ( Riddhima + Aryan ) . Its already late and these devils didn’t come yet so she started pressing the horn and is shouting their name when he didn’t receive any response he went inside to see both the devils fighting over their chocolate. He directly went towards them and snatched the chocolate and went outside not even uttering a word .

 Riyan understood that their Kabir bhai is  very angry so they went out and sat in the backseat in  the car not before turning their face towards the window on the either side . Kabir started the car and was driving . The journey was very quite suddenly kabir stopped the car outside a stop . kabir got down from the car and went to the shop and returned within few seconds .

 Both the brother and sister were excited seeing their brother buying the chocolate and Hi-Fied eachother . When kabir was returning both  acted as being angry till they reach their school . Then got down from the car and went towards the drivers sit to say bye to their bhai . Kabir got down from their car and stood before them .

Kabir : Aryan leave riddhima in her class and then you should go to your class . Please don’t be naughty in the class and concentrate on your studies understood both .

Both nodded their head and kabir smiled seeing their innocent face and gave them both chocolates . Both got very happy and

Riddhima and Aryan : Thank you Bhai

Kabir : Acha now go to the class or else it will be late and wait her till I come and pick up you both  after the school .

Riyan : Ok Bhai . Byee

Kabir : Bye .

Both went inside the school and Kabir drove the car to his college.

When Riyaan entered the school it was decorated as its feast day in the school.

Riddhima : Finally bhai we got chocolates .

Aryan : You know riddhu I thought bhai will not buy chocolates for us . But your plan worked well.

FB shows .

Both Aryan and Riddhima opened the fridge and found only one  chocolate , but as its a small chocolate both couldn’t share it so our naughty princess got an idea from her naughty brain as planned they both were  acting like fighting with each other of chocolate . Then their Kabir bhai came and snatched chocolate . Riddhima smirked seeing her plan working and acted as if they are angry.

FB ends

Riddhima : but I feel sorry for Kabir bhai from the morning we are torturing him .

Aryan : Even I feel sorry for him . Its all till mom and dad return only .

Riddhima: within 2 days mom and dad will come till then we can play with Kabir

Aryan : Deal ( both hi-fied eachother )

Just then Riddima saw her best best best friend sejal waiting for her near the banyan tree so she bit adieu  to Aryan and went towards sejal .Aryan straight went to his class XII – B . While riddhima and sejal were walking over the corridor . Suddenly her eyes fell on a handsome boy coming towards her   ( misunderstanding  ridhu  he isn’t coming towards you he is   also walking over the corridor just like you . Please come out from your dream land   ).

Her heart started beating fastly as if it will come out . And she felt like  butterflies are flying inside her stomach . He just walked across  her but coincidently ( because of me ) their hands unknowingly touched and chill spines are send inside riddhima . In physically present mentally absent state she hit her face in the wall infront of her while walking( while day dreaming ) . Then our dreaming princess realized that she was dreaming and hit the wall . Wait wait its not an wall  its a boy  the most handsome boy of the school . He was wearing a shirt tugged with navy blue pant and  wearing black cut shoes . She lifted her head to find our handsome hunk  staring at her . Seeing the handsome boy’s face our naughty princess was shocked .

I hope you all like this . Please comment me your views about this part .

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