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Hey, I am really glad with the love and support you all have given me. I hope you all enjoy reading this episode as well. Some of you had guessed it right, Vansh is Riddhima’s buddy. Please tell your views in the comments section below. Thank you 🙂

Episode 3:

Riddhima & Ishani left the school bus and reached their home. Riddhima was really annoyed and furious because of Vansh. Ishani noticed this and asked.

Ishani: Di, why are you so angry and what happened?

Riddhima: There’s this new boy called Khadoos Raisinghania and I hate him to the core. He has no manners or respect for others.

Ishani: What’s his actual name? I know you have probably named him Khadoos.

Riddhima: It’s Vansh Raisinghania.

Ishani: Oh, it’s ok di. This kind of stuff happens in school and you don’t worry about him.

At Vansh’s house.

Anupriya: How was your first day at school, Vansh & Siya?

Vansh: It was great, I met a new girl called Ziddhima and she helped me today.

Anurpriya: What? Is her name actually Ziddhima?

Vansh: No mom. I named her Ziddhima. Otherwise it’s Riddhima.

Siya: My first day was also good, mom. I made new friends and they showed me around the school. It was great.

Anupriya: That’s amazing. I am pleased that you both enjoyed the first day of school.

Next day.

At school.

Riddhima: Sejal, were you seriously sick or did you pretend because you forgot to complete the homework?

Sejal: No, I was actually sick and I had stomach ache.

Riddhima: Oh, are you feeling better now?

Sejal: Yes, I am better now.

Vansh enters the classroom and saw Riddhima talking to Sejal.

Vansh: Hi Ziddhima!

Riddima: First of all, I am not Ziddhima. My name is Riddhima and you can’t just call me whatever you want.

Vansh: But you also named me Khadoos.

Riddhima: That’s because you are, whatever you did to me yesterday suits your name – Khadoos.

The school bell rang and Riddhima & Sejal were sitting together and Kabir & Vansh were sitting together.

Sejal (whispers): Is he the new student?

Riddhima (whispers): Yes.

Sejal (whispers): Oh, but he looks good, so why are you calling him Khadoos. He looks so innocent.

Riddhima (whispers): I’ll tell you the whole story at break time.

Teacher: Good morning students. Today I have a very important announcement for you all. The principal will be here and explain it to you all.

Principal enters the classroom.

Students: Good morning, sir.

Principal: Good morning students. From today onwards we are starting “Buddy Project”. You will be paired randomly with your classmates. Then you will choose a global issue, for example: climate change. Afterwards you have to make a poster or presentation. It will be presented in the school assembly and the pair that does the best presentation will win an award for this. You have 1 week to prepare for this project. Good luck, I am sure you’ll make the best presentations.

Riddhima (thinking): This project would be fun and interesting, as we haven’t done anything like this before. I hope the teacher doesn’t pair me up with this Khadoos.

Principal leaves.

Teacher: So I will pair you with someone randomly. Also, you would have to work on this project outside of school time, as we can’t give you more than 1 lesson each day.

Students: Ok, ma’am.

Teacher pulls out 2 slips each time and everyone gets buddy to work with. Sejal was with Kabir…

Riddhima & Vansh were the only ones left.

Riddhima: Ma’am, I don’t have a buddy.

Vansh: Me too.

Teacher: How come this is possible? I’ll check all the slips again.

Teacher checks all the slips and comes back after 5 minutes.

Teacher: I am so sorry Riddhima & Vansh. Actually I forgot to include both of your names in the slips. So that’s why you don’t have a buddy. But that’s fine, since you two are left. You can work with each other. Is that fine?

Riddhima: But ma’am, if you included my name I would get a different buddy, not Vansh at least.

Teacher: It’s ok Riddhima. I know you both can work together. Please manage it.

Riddhima & Vansh: Ok.

Riddhima (thinking): Why do I always have to be with him?

Vansh (thinking): This is going to be fun.

Riddhima & Vansh both were sitting silent for 2 minutes. Just then Riddhima spoke up.

Riddhima: Ok, we have to get started. We can’t sit idle. But first we need to decide a topic. Do you have any ideas?

Vansh: Yeah, maybe we can work on education for all the children in the world. As many poor children aren’t able to get education in their country. So we can help to raise awareness on this issue. We can make posters and brochures and distribute is around the school.

Riddhima was surprised to hear Vansh’s thought, she never thought he could have such inspiring ideas for education.

Riddhima: That’s a great topic. I am ready to work. First we have to gather all the information about education and how we can help those children.

Vansh: You should come to my house, so we can work together and plan the project. We don’t have much time left right now, so we can work after school.

Riddhima: Ok, I’ll come at 5 pm today. But what is the address?

Vansh: I’ll message you later. Oh, but I don’t have your phone number, can you give it now?

Riddhima: I don’t give my phone number to unknown people.

Vansh (annoyed): How am I unknown to you? We have to work on project, so we need to communicate and for that we need to have each other’s contact number, right?

Riddhima: Ok fine. My phone number is **********.

Vansh: Ok great.

Precap: Riddhima goes to Vansh’s house for project planning.  

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