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At 5:30 am:-

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

All departed to their rooms

In Riddhima’s room:-

She entered the room and was fascinated by the interior design of the room, a royal sized bed with different and attracting photo frames in the room, and it seemed as if she had earlier even entered the room as she saw a packet on the couch she removed the tape and took out two dress one comfortable one to sleep and other for rest of the day

She took the short and comfortable dress out which most probably looked like a night dress and other one was denim jeans with top and jacket and then she went to washroom to change into it

After that she came laid on the bed as her back touched the soft and cotton mattress, it gave a relief to her and she slept

Everyone went to their rooms and after getting freshen up went to short and deep slumber

In Mumbai:-

In RV Mansion:-

At 10 pm:-

Veer came downstairs in the hall with Ruchi by her side and saw his dad pacing in to and fro motion just like pendulum by keeping his hand under his chin

Veer (whispering to Ruchi) – Had last night some black magic happened on dad that he turned into a pendulum today

Ruchi shushed him up and went to Sandhya who was on the dining table arranging breakfast

Ruchi (whispering to Sandhya) – Mom….

Sandhya (whispering to Sandhya) – Hmm…..

Ruchi (whispering to Sandhya) – What happened to Dad?

Sandhya (whispering to Ruchi) – Nothing Mood swings

Ruchi (whispering to Sandhya) – Mood Swings ohk tensed about Riddhima bhabhi

Sandhya (whispering to Ruchi) – Ruchi, she isn’t your bhabhi yet, still time is left

Ruchi (whispering to Sandhya) – But that will surely happen after all whose plan was it (Straightening her invisible collar) Btw what you made

Sandhya (whispering to Ruchi) – Paratha and Chilli Panner

Ruchi (whispering to Sandhya) – My favorite

Back to Sooraj and Veer:-

Veer- What happened dad?

Sooraj- There is no information about them yet…… I’m scared now…

Veer- Dad we will are here and nothing will happen to them.

Sooraj- I’m scared there is no Ransom call yet

Veer- Might be they are thinking about the way as directly calling someone there are changes that they will be tracked

Sooraj- May be you are right

Veer- Don’t worry come let’s have breakfast

They went on the dining table and Sandhya served them the food

Sooraj- Why am I getting feeling that you guys aren’t tensed at all

All look at each other and then Sandhya and Veer

Sandhya- There is nothing like that Sooraj, she is my daughter and I am even tensed but

Veer- Dad, Ruchi is pregnant so we need to make a happy and peaceful surrounding within her otherwise it would affect her health as well as of baby

Sooraj- Yaa…. Btw Ruchi when are you going for your daily checkup

Ruchi- Dad after coming from Paris I haven’t looked after any doctor

Sooraj- Ok, you can go for checkup today with Veer I will go to office

Veer (to himself) – If dad went alone then may be officers and dad together take out some way to reach them

Veer- No Dad

Sooraj- What No?

Veer- Actually then Mom would be alone at home, so I will come with you and Ruchi and Mom can go to the doctor

Sooraj- Ok

They started eating their breakfast

At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At 11:00 am:-

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima woke up from the sun rays which fell on her face

Riddhima (to herself) – Now I won’t get sleep, let’s get freshen up and then will look after the Mansion

She got up and after getting ready came to the hall and saw there was no one around, she made her way to the Kitchen to grab a glass of water

When she reached Kitchen she moved towards the slab and clutched it with her hands and moved towards the Fridge but before she could move further she saw something of black color moving on the opposite side of the slab for self-defense she grabbed the knife kept on the slab and moved towards that thing

Before she could hit that thing, it came in front and she got sacred and her legs hit the slab and with that she fell with that object on him

Still scared she didn’t dared to open her eyes and look what the thing was she started murmuring

Riddhima (murmuring) – Please Bappa please save me Bappa Please

She tried to slowly open her eyes and then looked up and her eyes met someone’s familiar eyes, her glanced broke when she saw that it was none other than Vansh

Riddhima- Vansh

Vansh- Yaa Me, I’m not getting why you always come and fell on me

Riddhima- I just came here to grab a glass of water and saw something moving that was your head and I was about to hurt you Thank God you got up on the correct time

Vansh- Otherwise I would have been on hospital bed by now, Right?

Riddhima- Shut up and get up

Vansh- Oh Madam, go and first wash your eyes properly, you are on me I’m not on you, and you get up

Riddhima- Yaa, Sorry

Before she could get up Vansh holds her by her waist and with her on him he took her and made her sit on the counter

Vansh- Now don’t move

Riddhima- But I want water

Vansh- Wait….

He went towards fridge and grabbed a water bottle and filled a glass of water and forwarded towards her

Riddhima- Thorough Gentlemen

Vansh smiled on this and she took the water and he came towards gas stove where something was being prepared

Riddhima- Why you woke up so early

Vansh- Then who will make this but why you woke up so early

Riddhima- I already slept peacefully in car

Vansh smiled

Riddhima- What are you preparing?

Vansh- What will you have?

Riddhima- What can you make?

Vansh- Anything you say

Riddhima- Ok so, make Aloo Paratha aur Mirchi ka aachar

Vansh- Hey…. How you know my favorite?

Riddhima- That’s my favorite not yours

Vansh- That’s mine

Riddhima- Mine

Vansh- Mine

Riddhima- Mine

Vansh- Forget it

Riddhima- Will you make?

Vansh- I already made but I will make soon

Riddhima- Promise

Vansh- That’s mine favorite as well so I will surely make No need for Promise

Riddhima- Btw, I wasn’t knowing that you do know cooking?

Vansh- That’s my hidden talent

Riddhima- How many hidden talents do you have?

Vansh- You will get to know slowly slowly….

Riddhima- Ok…. What have to made it smells delicious

Vansh- Chesse Sandwich, Omelets and going to make fresh Mango juice

Riddhima- Any help?

Vansh- Do even know the “C” of Cooking

Riddhima- Don’t underestimate me

Vansh- Really

Riddhima- Yaa….. I don’t cook because if I did I know that time and place would be booked by me

Vansh- Interesting Very Interesting

They laugh on this and

Vansh- So how you entered in Dance

Riddhima- After I left India, Varun helped me to come out from my mental stress by making my mind somewhere else he taught me dance and guitar

Vansh- Are you sure about your relationship with Varun?

Riddhima- That’s the only thing which we are testing…… After one year I will talk about this to Varun then Bhai and Dad

Vansh- When you guys decided this?

Riddhima- After our club met, I called him and he agreed on this matter

Vansh- Ok….

Riddhima- Why are you making? Isn’t there anyone else I mean any care-taker?

Vansh- No actually we came here in rush that I didn’t got the time to call any care-taker

Riddhima- Have you came here earlier

Vansh- Yaa, in childhood and I thought to complete my studies from here only but don’t know what happened I did from Mumbai

Riddhima- Ok….

Vansh- Come let’s go to hall and wait for those sleepy head it’s about 11:30

They kept the food on dining table and came to living room

Riddhima- Won’t you gave me the tour of your Mansion

Vansh- Even I need

Riddhima- Then let’s go

They started roaming in the living room and Riddhima kept asking about different rooms in which Vansh knew some and some didn’t then they came across a room which was closed by an old lock

Riddhima- Whose room is this?

Vansh- Even I don’t know

Riddhima- Is this your mansion even? How come you don’t know about many of the rooms?

Vansh kissed his teeth and said

Vansh- Riddhima I said I came here in childhood…. How will I remember?

Riddhima- Then come let’s go and check…..

Vansh- If it’s locked then something must be inside which no one wants to know and there must be some reason

Riddhima- Please Vansh, I’m asking out of curiosity

Vansh- Curiosity killed the cat

Riddhima- I’m not some cat

Vansh- Riddhima

Riddhima- Vansh please, see it’s looking too fascinating and attractive as if he is calling me towards

Saying she was moving towards it but Vansh grabbed her and her back hits his chest

Vansh- I’m calling you towards me that isn’t audible to you and that non-living thing isn’t calling you and that’s audible to you

Riddhima- What? Forget it…. Vansh please

Vansh- Riddhima…. Leave it

Riddhima- Vansh please otherwise I will try to sneak in

Vansh brings her closer to him and bends towards her ears

Vansh- When you will sneak in call me also

Riddhima- Ok so I’m sneaking in now come

Vansh- Riddhima please, see it’s asking for fingerprints it’s not just about lock

She looks towards the door and saw the machine and her face fell

Vansh- Its Ok come let’s go

Riddhima- But there is many rooms left and we haven’t saw second floor

Vansh- Riddhima come until they wake up have a cup a coffee with me, we will see afterwards there is many days left here

They came back to kitchen and Vansh took two cups and put the pan on the gas stove and made coffee for them and started drinking there only

After few minutes they heard someone footsteps coming towards them Riddhima shushed Vansh and hid behind the door and as the person came in front of her rubbing his eyes

Riddhima- Bhooooooooo…….

The person got shocked and jumped, he was Aryan

Aryan- Riddhima di, you sacred me

Vansh- Tch…. Tch…. Aryan Good Morning

Aryan- Morning’ Bhai, You woke up too early

Vansh winked at Riddhima which got unnoticed by Aryan

Vansh- Early Aryan, its 1:30 pm we all had our brunch and as you didn’t arrived we ate and rest all went to get ready

Riddhima- And see yourself you aren’t ready yet

Aryan- Bhai, I’m hungry if I didn’t have something within few minutes I will die from starving bhai, Forget about those idiots, they are elder and me Riddhima Di see I’m youngest among all

Riddhima- Wrong Aryan, Siya is the one

Aryan- You guys don’t care about me know

Vansh- Drama king, come and have this coffee and then go to freshen up and by 12 come here back or whatever I said will become true

Aryan did as said and rushed towards his room to come back quickly

Episode ends

Precap:- Brunch

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