RIAANSH : LOVE AND BETRAYAL . Episode 11 – Telly Updates

Hey guys,  hello . Thanks for the support you have shown . So your comments have inspired me to write next episode.

Episode 10 –

1) All the characters would be same we saw in main show .
2) the characteristics of characters have changed.
3) I will include some imaginative places and I will add other characters as well .
I wish you will  all enjoy.

Episode 11 :

A man threatens Vansh

The episode starts with

Scene – 1

Vansh sees the photo of ragini and says

Vansh  : she is ragini vansh raisinghania,  my wife

Riddhima  : what ! Tell me are you joking.

Vansh  : no she is , but i did loved her once but she cheated me and now she started to kill others.

Riddhima  : so , you don’t like murderers .

Vansh  : i am meters away from murder and killing , i hate those things .

Riddhima  : i want to take revenge from her for killing my friend noor .

Vansh  : so she killed your friend,  and you think you could take revenge from her .

Riddhima  : i am not like normal girls , i like to play with risks .

Vansh  : This girl has something ,interesting,  will you give me your number miss Riddhima  ?

Riddhima  : Of course,  but why do you want it ?

Vansh  : Since , ragini is both of our enemy so if I find something against her then i could call you .

Riddhima  : ok , thanks.

Vansh and riddhima give their phone numbers to each other . Then Riddhima went to her home . But when vansh was leaving,  Angre called him .

( in phone)

Angre  : boss , i want to tell you something.

Vansh  : what is it ?

Angre : i have captured a man who was trying to enter VR MANSION forcefully.  I tried to ask him and even threatened him but he said that he will only talk to ” ghost ” ( vansh)

Vansh  : Ok , angre tie that man i am coming soon.

Scene  -2

A helicopter is seen landing on a helipad above a tower.  A man comes from that helicopter . He says ,” i have completed my work in south Africa but i am needed her in india.  Criminals are not needed in this world and Leaving criminals alive is not my work  ” .

The helicopter 🚁lands . A man is seen struggling with some goons on that helipad.

Man  : welcome Mr Kabir,  please help me .

Kabir : so i see there are some anti social creatures . Leave that man before i count 10.🤣🤣🤣

Goons : We don’t want to kill this man , but we want something from it and we don’t fear do whatever you want.

Kabir shoots at one of the goon . And remove a remote from his pocket and press the button.

Goons : how could you shoot , you told that you will count till 10 .

Kabir  : Oh ! Did i say so , i counted 10 in my mind .🤣🤣🤣

Goons : you will pay for this .

Kabir : please pay soon , use net banking 🤣🤣🤣🤣.

Goons shoots at  kabir but their gun is not working.

Goons  : what’s happening why is it not working ? What did you do ?

Kabir : the network you are using is not reachable 🤣🤣🤣 . I used this remote and used EMP waves . EMP or electric magnetic pulse blocks bullet,  guns , bombs , rifles , time bomb and chocolate bomb…. wait not chocolate bomb 🤣🤣

(  Readers -guys search for the word EMP in Google,  you will come to know )

Kabir removes two guns and shoot at the goons and kill them but one  of that goon ran away .

Kabir : i killed all the goons except one . Anyway are you OK Mr basu.  ?

Mr Basu : yes , great inspector kabir has come to save me . Thanks.

That goon ran away and the arrow man is seen viewing all kabir and goon scene.

Arrow Man  : ( to itself)  Now a new member has come to the city , let’s write kabir name in my red list .

Arrow Man also went away .

Scene  – 3

Vansh reaches vr mansion.

Angre  : this  is the man who tried to enter vr mansion like thief . We have recorded this from our cctv .

Vansh : i am the ghost and I am the boss , tell me why did you entered vr mansion,  who sent you here , for whom do you work .

Stranger : i don’t want to answer you , you could impress me .

Vansh : tell me or i else I will give you a bullet cake .

Stranger : wait i want to tell you something.

Precap  – Stranger ” you mr vansh raisinghania and angre , you both are here and your family are at vacation,  what if anyone planted bomb in your vacation villa to kill your entire family … run vansh run as fast you could 🤣🤣”

Episode ends .

So how did you like this episode.  Are you feeling thrilled ? Any suggestions please tell me .

1) who are the goons who attacked mr basu and why ?

2) what do they want from him ?

3) If arrow man said that kabir is his new enemy then what is its planning ?

4) who is that man who entered vr mansion?

5) and who planted a bomb in vr villa and who wants to kill raisinghania family.  Join with me to know about it . Please tell me how did you like kabir potrayl in my ff both smart and humorus . Thanks,  bye and take care

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