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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Pandit scold that the God and Maharaj are equal for Mangesh, he must have done something wrong. Sethji agreed, he saw Ramji crossing by and went to him. Sethji said that he must leave Satara to find a job, he will not get any help from this place. Pandit mocked him for yielding false hope, not even his son can feed his family. Mangesh said that Bala was in a relation with Rani. Ramji questioned them if they have the capability to think good? Manges opposed to being lectured by him and left.

Sandesh informed Ramji that he was unable to find work. Puranjan told Ramji to work on wat Gopal wanted them to. They should start a business of shoe making, sell them in near villagers. Sandesh asked for Ramji’s view. Ramji accepted it as a great idea for hi people but insisted on learning new talents other than shoe making. They should indulge his people in different fields and make sure that they are appreciated. Bhim Rao agreed but said that others will stop them, creating problems for them. Bhim Rao said that shoe making is noble profession, they save people from thorns and stones providing them a comfortable walk. Anand agreed, he disposed his idea of opening a tea stall with the new idea of opening a shoe shop. Gopal will break heads of anyone who will not pay for those shoes. Ramji asked to have a batter conversation on this topic.

Rani told Meera that she wanted to find work to share burden with Sandesh. Bala was leaving for work, Rani asked him if girls can play flute. Tulsa and Manjula said that they have never seen girls play any instrument before. Meera agreed. Rani wanted to try and play flute. Bala said that if girls can study, they can play flute as well. She wanted to go with Bala. She asked if he could teach her, Bala agreed and left. Gopal’ mother went to grocery. Meera advised Gopal’s mother to talk about his most powerful childhood memory, it might provoke him to recall everything. Tulsa told a story that her Mother used to tell a story of a man who lost his memory, his family constantly recalled the past events and t eventually restored his memory. Manjula asked about Gopal’s childhood. His mother shared a story, once when he came back home after playing, he hid in a small lace after not finding me for hours. When she came back home, she went to look for him he came out and stood beside him. he old her that now they are even, she cannot live without just hoe he cannot live whiteout him. the mother cried for his son’s present conditions.

Tulsa and Manjula saw Gopal arriving, they went to inform his mother.

Gopal’s mother was telling Meera that in a very early stage his husband left him. they waited years for them. Meera asked her not to cry for someone who left them. Tulsa and Manjula informed that Gopal was arriving, everyone hid to make him recall his childhood memory.

Gopal came in, he didn’t see anyone, so he went inside to look for them. Meera joined Ramji and Bhim Rao with them in this mission. Gopal was finding everyone, but he thought to hide as well, to have them worried for him as well.

Gopal hid under the bed, Meera sent his mother inside to find him. Gopal’ mother saw him under the bed, she pretended to be worried for him. She went outside to look for him, Gopal came out saying that thing are even now. His mother asked, Gopal went in shock with his mind recalling past events. Everyone kept asking him questions. He remembered her mother, he hugged her. Gopal’s mother cried. Everyone was happy

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