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Pandya Store 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Shiva saying Rishita will always do a drama, but I can’t do anything, I have to change else Dhara will beat me more. He is in the bathroom. Raavi says I will sleep before he comes, Rishita has energy to always do a drama. She goes to washroom and sees Shiva. She turns and stumbles. They fall into the bathtub. Raabta….plays..

He helps her get out of the bathtub. He gives her a towel and goes. She says we share the same bedroom and same bathroom, we may collide, but I have to be careful. Its morning, Suman and Gautam sit in the yagya. Pandit says your four children are really good, Bholenath bless them. Suman asks does Bholenath bless them if they lie and hide things. Pandit says no. She asks Gautam what is it. He says nothing. She asks him to always support the truth, as he always did. He nods. Pandit asks him to note down the things to get. She asks him to get phone. She says phone has everything, except sense. Dhara cleans the room. Gautama comes and says listen to me, mum got to know something, she was warning me, go and tell her everything. She says its happened as I thought, they will understand the importance of staying together, we have to wait. He says I know you are trying to join the family, if mum knows about Suman’s experiment, she will not forgive you, she won’t listen to me also.

She says I can understand your fear, I m also afraid, but I think of kids’ betterment, they shall not understand my perception if we tell now. He says whatever, timing isn’t right, it shouldn’t happen when mum is here. She says fine, don’t worry, I will try to explain mum. He says fine, puja will end soon, we will go to market and get the items. She says okay. He goes. Rishita sits to cook. She recalls Dev’s words. Anita comes to help. She says Raavi and Dhara aren’t helping you, I mean you three were cooking separately. Dev comes and says who said kitchens got separated, we like Dhara’s handmade food. Rishita says I don’t like, you go, can’t I talk to anyone. He says yes, I just came to have water. Rishita argues with Anita. Raavi comes and looks on. She says you like to insult anyone, how can you insult Anita, she just wanted to help you. Rishita says she came to talk to me, take her away. Raavi takes Anita.

Dhara goes to Suman. She gives medicines. Suman asks her to say. Dhara says you will get fine after taking medicines. Suman says everyone knows it, what’s new. Dhara says I was saying, when we go back home, we will take you to doctor once. Suman says I understand, you want to ask the doctor, will this old lady get fine, then she will find out everything, right. Dhara says its nothing like that, I wish you always stands on your feet soon. She cries. Suman says don’t cry, I m fine. Dhara thinks to tell her the truth. Suman says say it, your heart will get light. Prafulla comes. Suman says don’t know why I got her. Prafulla says tell me about puja chadava. Suman says I won’t say. Dhara says Gautam also gave a list of puja items, I will check that. She goes.

Gautam says you didn’t listen to me, when I asked you to tell everything to Suman. Dhara asks what are you saying. Suman shouts you will get punished, get out of my house. Everyone comes. Dhara says I did this to bring the children together. Rishita complains. She says Dev and I don’t have love between us, this happened because of you. Dev says not a word against Dhara. Shiva says its Krish and my mistake, don’t send her away. Suman says my decision won’t change if anyone says, if anyone doesn’t agree, then they can also go with her. She stops Gautam and asks him to think well, if he goes with her, then he will have to leave the family. Dhara cries and leaves. Everyone cries. Dhara imagines this. Gautam comes to her. He asks what happened, did you talk to mum. She signs no. Shiva comes. He asks what did you cook, tell me. Dhara asks why are you asking me, go and ask Raavi, she will cook food for you, not me. Prafulla comes and asks what are you making, just this amount of vegs, since I came here, I find everything wrong in your kitchen. Gautam worries.

Gautam says if mum knows, then how will you handle it, you don’t love me now, I didn’t think that you adamancy will be imp than my love. Dhara goes to Suman and says I have to tell something, Dev, Shiva and Krish…. Suman looks at her.

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