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Qurbaan Hua 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Sahil exclaims that Chahat is making a mistake as she would only get hatred in that house, Chahat responds if she has to choose between hatred and deception, she would choose deception, she asks if he thinks she would listen to the words of a person who made her live without her children for seven years, Sahil accepts that he made a mistake as he doesnot like children but he really loves and cares for her, Chahat tries to leave but he stops her, they both get in a fight, his stick flies away but he is standing without any problem, Chahat realizes that he is walking without any problem, he closes the door asking Chahat to go back into her room as she cannot leave, Sahil mentions that he acted for seven years because of the love which he has for her, he pushes her on the sofa and tries to take advantage of her.
Chahat slaps him explaining he has given the answer of why no women should live with him, she warns to call the police on him if he ever tries following her, Sahil threatens saying that she would face disappointment as Neel cannot become a good father and husband, Chahat assures that Neel would prove to be a better husband and father then he ever can be.

Shlok and Dua are rejoicing because they would both live together with the entire family, Chahat is worried, Shlok questions why is she worried, Dua explains that when Sahil would miss her then what would she do because he really loves her while Neel always scolds her, Shlok explains he has to perform the ritual of Kalash for Chahat for the time when she enters the house, Dua question who makes someone eat the rice when they enter the house but instead they should have brought the cake, Shlok reveals Chahat would have to hit it with her feet before coming into the house, he places it at the door along with Dua, Alka comes with Godambari but starts weeping, Shlok questions if she is mad at him but she declines, Godambari questions why is she not saying, she was the one to fulfil the rights of a mother so should not refuse to demand her position, Shlok seeing Chahat asks if she knows what she has to do with the kalash, Chahat is about to hit it, Godambari picks up the vase explaining it is not for someone who is already so low on self-esteem, Neel stops her explaining if the children desire they should allow them to perform the ritual, he makes Chahat perform the ritual, Neel enters with her.

Shlok gets excited that her mother would stay with him, Neel revels that there is still once ritual left and it is that the husband has to take his wife into the room, he questions if she is thinking if it is a dream, he throwing her on the bed explains it is a dream which they would live with for six months because he held a conversation with the lawyer who said the judge would ask after six months from the children who they desire to live with, he would prove he is the best father and husband, Chahat gets excited thinking that she can then use the children to make him act as the best husband and father, Chahat questions why is the room so dirty because he used to take care of his belongings, Neel explains that people tend to change just like him who could not have lived without her at one point but now cannot even think of being with her.

Shlok and Dua enter the room with the bag which has the belongings of Chahat, they plan to place them in the wardrobe, Chahat also offers to help when Neel sees the photo of him with Chahat so he says that he cannot allow any photo of them together, Shlok plans to have a selfie with the entire family, Chahat thinks that their children have brought them together in a photo and would also change his anger into love.

In the night, Shlok explains the way by which they would sleep together, he explains he would sit with Chahat while she will sleep with Neel, Dua asks why can she not sleep with Chahat, Shlok reveals that it is because she had the love of a mother while he has just got back her mother, Dua lies down with Neel, she asks why are his hands so stiff, he request her to sleep but she gets irritated because of his beard and is not able to sleep, Shlok advises they should sing, Neel refuses saying he cannot sing but then sings with Chahat, Shlok and Dua both fall asleep, they are also when Neel is pushed off the bed by Dua, he exclaims she becomes David Beckham in the night, he decides to sleep outside.

Dua wakes up as Sahil is calling Chahat, she answers the call but is shocked to hear he is crying, She questions why is he crying so he explains it is because he is really missing her, and cannot sleep at night, Dua reveals she is also missing her but is really happy as she has finally got her brother, he asks what can he do now, she offers to give him her stuffed bear Abdul, so he would no longer be alone, she walks out into the lawn but worries about how she would go to meet him alone in the middle of the night. She sees Neel who asks if she has also come to sleep with him after pushing him out of the bed, she realizes how irritating his beard was when she questions if he would accompany her to meet Sahil. He gets tensed so she explains that Shlok said their father is really nice which is why she thought, Neel takes Dua to the resort, she calls Sahil as Abu then realizing it responds as she would come back after giving Sahil uncle the teddy bear, Neel feels worried after some time when she doesnot come back, he is about to enter but Ghazala stops him, he explains he is looking for Dua who went to meet Sahil, Ghazala answers that Sahil is not even in the resort, she blames him for trying to take his life, she says that he might have done something to Dua because they all know he really hated her, Neel gets really worried after hearing the blame of Ghazala.

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