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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 28th May 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kairav saying Kartik’s handprints. He says this is for Sirat, I will gift this to her, there is our pic also, if she misses us, then she will smile seeing this. Kartik says you know when she gets married, then she will leave forever. Kairav says don’t worry, Dadi explained me, do you feel bad more than me, why did you make a sad face. Kartik hugs him. Kairav says I have to go and take Gayu’s handprints. He goes. Suwarna says you think he really became strong. Kartik says don’t know, we will plan an adventure trip for him. Suwarna says its good idea, Sirat said she will come to meet him, but she will have more duties, her husband and family have the first right on her. Sirat looks on sad. Kairav comes and calls her out. Kartik and Suwarna see Sirat behind. Kairav says I was looking for you, I have to make you sign paper. Sirat asks what paper. Kairav says you forgot your promise. She says no, I remember to get coach for you, I will always fulfill my promise. He says you are so good. She says you are very cute. She hugs him. Kairav says you and dad are emotional and hug me. He takes Kartik to them. Kartik and Sirat hug him. Bandhan aise banjate….plays… Suwarna smiles.

Chauhan sees his wife and Nidhi. He takes the pagdi and kalgi. He fixes the kalgi. He says don’t worry, you have a wish to attend your son’s marriage, its every mum’s wish, you go and make him wear sehra and kalgi. She says you come along. He says no need to change my decision, I have no relation with them, you get ready and go, happy. Nidhi says yes. Kartik asks did anything go in your eye. Sirat says something. He says you think I m a fool, tell me what is it. She says I m feeling nervous now, is anything wrong happening. He says nothing, its called cold feet, it happens before marriage, tell me if you want to run away, tell me now, I will arrange some transport mode, once you and Ranvir get married, then everything will be fine, you would be thinking about new relations. She asks does the pain of leaving old relations get less if new relations are made. He says I understand, but our situations are different, your past and future are same, not everyone is lucky, don’t let the fear spoil your happiness. She says you are amazing Kartik. He says I know, ask me any advice. She says I know, keep phone charged, you can get my emergency call anytime. He says I shall become your helpline. She says yes, you are. They see something and rush.

Chauhan says I sent you there, Ranvir won’t go with that girl, groom and baraatis will be there, but not the bride. He sings Kesariya balam… He says balam won’t come with you, you will see the colour of blood. Kartik takes Ranvir. Ranvir says I have to get ready. Ranvir sees his mum and Nidhi. Abhi mujhmein kahin….plays….

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