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My world is in your love Chapter-10

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Vansh saw Riddhima going to terraces. Riddhima was still in an intoxicated state. Riddhima was not in her control.

Vansh: Riddhima, where are you going?

Riddhima: To the terraces VR, just come with me.

Riddhima just held the vansh’s hand and took him to the terraces.

Vansh: What is the reason for coming to the terraces?

Riddhima: To get fresh air… See stars and the moon… To cry alone…

Vansh: To cry? …but Why, Riddhima?

Riddhima: I am an unlucky girl, VR. My parents are not with me; my relatives are not with me. Sejal left me alone… Kabir, that brat, I believed him, but he deceived me.

Vansh: OK, riddhima. Let’s go to your room.

Riddhima: No, VR. I am not coming. My head is hurting a lot. My heart also VR. Why does this happen to me?

Vansh: okay, riddhima. It is not safe to have in terraces.

Riddhima: Will you call me, Sweetheart? I like the way you called me.

Vansh: Okay, sweetheart, did you get fresh air and have you see the stars and the moon?

Riddhima: Yes, VR.

Vansh: Let’s go down…

Riddhima: No…let’s play truth or dare…

Riddhima sat on the bench in the terraces and asked vansh to sit near her. Vansh thought, “This girl is so adorable and beautiful in this moonlight. Her face glows like a moon. I can’t control myself.”

Riddhima: Truth or dare, Mr. VR?

Vansh: Truth….

Riddhima: Ok…Tell about your first love…

Vansh: First love…. It is my puppy love, Riddhima. I saw her in the VR mansion. When I was 10 years old, she was just 4 years old. I am damn sure she is the most beautiful girl in this world I have ever seen in my life. She is my girlfriend, childhood crush, first love, etc.., she is my everything, Riddhima.

Riddhima was in jealous mode.

Riddhima: Excuse me, Bro… will you stop your puppy love story? Let’s stop the game.

Vansh: Again you called me ‘Bro’…

Riddhima: Whenever I have an angry and jealous feeling for you, I will call you ‘Bro’.

Vansh: Okay, let’s go down.

Riddhima: VR, let’s take a selfie.

Vansh: No, Riddhima…

Riddhima: Please, VR, I am just asking you to take a photo with me…Will you do it for me?

Vansh: okay, go on.

Riddhima: Mr. Lighthouse, how could I take a selfie? You are on the 5th floor, I am on the ground floor…

Vansh: me, Lighthouse? You give the phone to me… (Riddhima and vansh took some photos)

Riddhima: I am hungry, Mr.VR.

Vansh: okay, we will go to the dining hall and have our dinner.

Riddhima: No, we will have it in the terraces.

Vansh called the servants. Servants were preparing it. Angre came to the terraces.

Angre: Boss, the blood donation camp held in the morning reports will be available tomorrow.

Riddhima: What reports? …We all just donated our blood.

Vansh: Angre! … We will talk about this later. Riddhima, the food has arrived, have your dinner.

Riddhima: we will have dinner in a single plate together. I am not comfortable on this bench. I will sit on this sofa.

Riddhima sat on vansh’s lap. Vansh was stunned by Riddhima’s action.

Vansh: This is my lap, not a sofa.

Riddhima: Okay, VR, but it is nice to sit in it. VR, will you feed me?

Vansh nodded his head and started to feed her.

Vansh: Do you have your kindergarten ID card with you?

Riddhima: Yes, it is a broken ID card. How did you come to know about it?

Vansh: Sejal told me. Where is it?

Riddhima: It is on my dressing table.

Vansh looked at angre. Angre nodded his head and went to Riddhima’s bedroom and took her kindergarten ID card. After having dinner,

Riddhima: I have seen many friends in my childhood, my friend’s parents will feed my friends at lunchtime, but they won’t come to feed me. Thank you, VR, for giving me such a sweet experience.

Riddhima kissed Vansh on his left cheeks and fell on vansh’s shoulder. Riddhima started to sleep in vansh’s shoulder. Vansh thoughts,” I have experienced the same situation before with my childhood crush. To be honest, Riddhima is more beautiful than her”.

Vansh lifted her and came to Riddhima’s room and placed her on the bed like a flower. Riddhima’s ‘V’ dollar chain got struck in Vansh’s shirt button. Vansh slowly removed the chain from his button. Riddhima was murmuring, “Thank you, VR, it is the best day in my life”. Vansh made a grin and left Riddhima’s room.

Next morning,

Riddhima had a headache when she woke up. Dadi gave her some lemon juice which made her feel better. Rohan and Sia came to Riddhima’s room to have some fun with her. Riddhima couldn’t remember anything what happened after the dance show.

Rohan: Are you fine, Riddhima?

Riddhima: Yes, I’m feeling better, Rohan.

Sia: Riddhima, how did you feel when you hugged Vansh Bhai?

Riddhima: Did I hug vansh?

Sia and rohan said yes. Rohan explained how vansh came and saved riddhima from Kabir. Riddhima felt embrassed.

Sia: Do you at least remember your moonlight dinner with Vansh bhai?

Riddhima: What?

Rohan: We don’t know what happened in the terraces? It was you and vansh in the terraces alone. From the servants we came to know he had lifted you from the terrace to your room.

Riddhima started to think about what had happened last night. But she couldn’t remember anything. Riddhima scrolled her phone, she could see the photos with vansh in the gallery. She liked the photos, but she wasn’t ready to show the photos to anyone. Riddhima went to Vansh’s study room, Vansh was not there, Angre told that Vansh was playing basketball in the backyard. Riddhima rushed to the backyard, Riddhima felt awkward to start the conversation, but vansh noticed her. Vansh was busy in the game.

Riddhima: Excuse me, VR, I need to talk with you.

Vansh: Yes, you may proceed.

Riddhima(fake anger): Last night what happened in the terrace?

Vansh started to have a fake blushing which made Riddhima embarrassed.

Vansh: We had our……

Riddhima closed her ears with her hand.

Riddhima: Don’t say anything stupid….

Vansh came closer to her and whispered in her ears.

Vansh: We had our dinner together. That’s it. I wanted to ask you something, do you have any nick name for me?

Riddhima: No, VR.

Vansh (in a dangerous tone): Then why did you call me ’Mr. Lighthouse’?

Riddhima: Just for fun, VR. I am having some work. I will talk with you later.

Vansh had a huge smile on his face, Vansh thoughts,” Riddhima, it was not only your best day but also mine. I will cherish it forever and ever”.

Vansh came to his study room. Angre told vansh that the reports from the blood donation camp had arrived. Vansh started to read the reports and understood both the reports were matching.

What will be in the reports taken from the blood donation camp?

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