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My world is in your love Chapter-13

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Riddhima took the DNA test of her and Rohan. DNA of Rohan and Riddhima matched with each other. She understood the reports from vansh were not fake reports. Riddhima couldn’t sleep peacefully, she had a lot of confusion in her life. Finally, Riddhima went to Vansh’s study room.

Riddhima: Excuse me, Mr.Vansh Raisinghania (she knocked the door)

Vansh: Yes, come Riddhima.

Riddhima: May I know the reason for your urgent contract marriage? Whether it is for sia or any other reason.

Vansh: I don’t believe in marriage. It is for sia and also for my business career.

Riddhima: you want to build your career by spoiling my career.

Vansh: I can’t explain to you clearly.

Riddhima: Did your family members know about it?

Vansh: I don’t want anyone in my family to know about it. Tell me your decision now.

Riddhima gave an exasperated look towards vansh.

Riddhima: I agree.

Vansh: Okay, take this box with you. This box has a saree, wear it and come in the morning at 9’clock. Be on time. You can leave.

Riddhima carried the box and came to her room. She opened the box, it was a red-colored saree. Riddhima couldn’t sleep that night.

Riddhima thought, “Marriage is the purest relationship. In my life there is going to be a storm. Every woman has a dream at her wedding. I wanted a traditional wedding with family members and friends but my fate. VR will never understand my feelings. If parents were with me, they would never have married me to this Rudeman. Every girl’s dream is to marry a person who loves her unconditionally. But VR hates me. Not only him, Rohan also hates me as a sister. What can I do now?” Tears came from her eyes, she slept by sobbing in her pillow.

Next morning,

Everyone was astonished to see Riddhima in a saree. Vansh was enthralled with riddhima’s saree look. Vansh liked the way she was handling her saree. Kabir started to stare at the riddhima. Everyone had their breakfast. Dadi enquired Riddhima about her new saree look, she said that she was going for a meeting. Riddhima noticed vansh, he was wearing a black coloured coat and white shirt with black pants. Dadi asked vansh to drop Riddhima for her meeting. Vansh had a guilt feeling that he was hiding his marriage from his family. Vansh purposely put the car key on the floor near dadi’s foot. He just touched the feet of dadi. He had satisfaction that he got blessings from dadi. Vansh moved to the car. Riddhima said that it was an important meeting and fell on dadi’s feet and got a blessing from dadi.

Angre was driving the car. Vansh and Riddhima were sitting quietly. Riddhima started the conversation.

Riddhima: VR, will you stop the car near the temple?

Vansh: But why? Are you planning to elope from the marriage?

Riddhima: Mr. Vansh raisinghania, I am not like you. I wanted to go to the temple. Just give me five minutes.

Vansh: Ok, Angre. Stop the car.

Riddhima: Will you come to the temple?

Vansh: I don’t believe in it.

Riddhima entered the temple. She went near the Ganapathi Bappa statue and started to cry. She sat near the pillar and started to talk with Bappa.

Riddhima: Bappa, you have been with me in all the decision. I don’t have any other way to save Rohan. I accept to marry Vansh because of Rohan. I wanted Rohan to be safe and happy. Whether the decision I have taken is right or not, Bappa. I don’t know, but will you be with me?

Riddhima just closed her eyes and started to pray. The temple priest came and placed sweet in her hand with a rose. She opened her eyes, she was astonished to see the sweet and the rose. Everyone had a sweet and a rose in their hands. But everyone’s rose color was red, her rose color was white. She remembered her weird dream.

It was getting late, Vansh came inside the temple. He saw riddhima sitting near the pillar and weeping, the temple priest with the flowers in a basket was passing near her. With anger, vansh bent down and pulled riddhima’s arms towards him. When Vansh was about to stand up, but vansh collided with the  temple priest, the flowers in the basket  hand fell upon vansh and riddhima.

Riddhima remembered her first meeting with vansh.

Riddhima was about to slip on the wet floor., vansh threw the bouquet of roses from his hands in an upward direction and held Riddhima’s hands. Roses fell on both of them. The color of the roses is white.

Riddhima understood from the incidents that bappa would support her.

At the register office,

Riddhima was asked to sit near Vansh. Riddhima noticed a cute couple. There were pouring their love on each other. Riddhima understood that it was a love marriage. When the registrar came, the couple married each other with a lot of joy with their friends and family. Next it was Riddhima’s wedding. The lawyer, Angre, Vansh employees, Vansh and Riddhima, were just at the wedding.

Registrar: Both of you tell your name and age, please?

Vansh: I am Vansh Raisinghania. My age is 27.

Riddhima stood quietly. Vansh clenched her hands.

Riddhima: I am Riddhima. My age is 21.

Registrar: I need your full name, Madam. (Tears rolled from her eyes)

Vansh: Ms. Riddhima Malhotra.

Riddhima started to stare at Vansh.

Registrar: Both of you agree on this marriage?

Riddhima and Vansh nodded their heads. Angre gave a garland to vansh and riddhima. Vansh weared the garland to Riddhima. Riddhima slowly weared the garland to Vansh. Riddhima refused to make an eye contact with Vansh. Vansh and Riddhima signed the documents present before them. The witness signature was signed by others.

In the car, Vansh was seeing the documents for his meeting, Riddhima was broken, her dreams were shattered.

Vansh: Riddhima, now we are going to the office. I have a meeting with foreign clients. You can stay in my cabin.

In the office, Vansh and Riddhima were waiting for the lift. Two ladies came and started to flirt with Vansh. When the lift door was open, everyone entered the lift.

Angre: Ladies, may I know which floor you are going to?

Ladies: Where Vansh sir is going, that floor will be our floor too.

Vansh was busy talking with the client on the phone, he didn’t notice what was happening in the lift. Riddhima turned into jealous mode. She just holds Vansh’s arms tightly in an embrace way. Vansh thought that Riddhima was in fear to go in the lift. The ladies couldn’t be able to digest seeing vansh and riddhima together.

Riddhima thought, “How dare these ladies stare and flirting with my vansh? When they try to flirt with Vansh, I will fire them from the job.”

Lift door opened, Riddhima gave a smirk at the ladies. Now, vansh noticed riddhima’s attitude, and he was happy to know that she was jealous because of him.

Riddhima went to the Vansh’s cabin. Vansh finished his meeting at 7 pm and went to his cabin to call Riddhima. Riddhima was sleeping peacefully in the cabin. For the past two days, she hasn’t slept peacefully.

Vansh thought, “How cute it is! To see my wife sleeping in my cabin. How could I disturb her? She is sleeping peacefully. What should I do now?”

Vansh caressed her face with love and said, “I am torturing, extorting you, but I give you a promise that I will always try to make you happy, Mrs. Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania. That sounds better than Riddhima Malhotra”. Vansh lifted riddhima in his arms and went to the car parking area. Riddhima woke up and thought that some handsome person was lifting her in his arms. First she gave a grin at vansh and soon she understood that was her husband. She jumped from Vansh arms and both felt embarrassed. Vansh tried to explain, but she quickly understood.

In the car, Vansh started the conversation.

Vansh: Did you like the saree?

Riddhima: VR, it is your order. So I wore the saree. You are asking me whether I like the saree or not. Why didn’t you ask me whether I was interested in this marriage or not?

Vansh: Sweetheart, this is not the answer to my question. Do you know who this saree belongs to? It is your mother saree.

Riddhima couldn’t speak further. Riddhima gave a stunned look towards vansh. They reached VR mansion, everyone had they dinner together. Riddhima went to her room and closed the door. Riddhima saw herself in her mirror, it was weird to see herself in mirror. She couldn’t believe that she is married.

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