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hello telly update fam . i am very that u are likking my ff . so this my story from starting u will find little boring and emotional too . pls do not read and if u are reading so read in your circumstances. as we know that radhika , aayu and gauri share their incident so i also want to share . so this my ff ep 2 link if u have not read that plsread and comment also it motivate me  …….

so start . so me as ridhu .

me – myself ridhima . i belong to middle class family . i live with my small family in noida . so quick review of my family my dad is software enginneeer , mom is beautiful housewife and my devil small sis pari study in 8th standard and i studied in 11th commerce .

story start – i born in 2005 . so i am disable student means i have disability in one ear and one eye . my right ear is half folded from top and in right eye , eye is not full developed from inside i can see from that eye but not fully visible from that vision and it is half open . when i am one year old so i started wearing chashma .  i am child so i can not understand that why people treat special to i ignore that thing so slowly slowly i started growing up then at 4 to 5 standard children specially girl taunt me that she has a fair colour but see their face so children taunt me . i ignore them . then one day monitor do partiality in students and children do not like me  . then slowly slowly this affect me a lot . i did not tell my parents about that . my parents is like my god . people taunt my dad that ki u have two daughters so ek ladka to kar lo  because we live in gaali as street . u all know that people have old minded mind . my dad ignore them and my dad said they are my pride and they can do anything as compared to boy . my dad always said to me that ignore that people and concentrate on your future and stand in your legs and show to people that u can do anything and my mom always very supportive . then in 8th standrd this matter very high now . i broken into pieces from inside and smile on face from outside so i alone crying in room when there is no one in room . then in 9 th we shift in flat . i started feeling happy then slowly slowly i ignore them . i have only one best friend and i have met in one standard . she totally understand me and my situation also so i can not able to see board clearly so we sit together and she copy from board and write to copy and then i also copy from their copy . she never left hand of me till now she want to be a doc and i want to be a ca . then my parents say proud of u my daughter . i am in top 5 in studies not bad not good . then i have small family in tu who loves me like a sis and i love all them . i am not all strong from inside but trying to strong .



tell me how it is .i am not good at expressing . i am literally crying and sobbing to write this story . my hand is shivering right now . tell me in comment how it is . i

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