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Immj2 our favourite show is ending💔! Today was the farewell day of our favourite show! The show has turned addiction to almost all of us. The show and the cast had won millions of hearts.

The show was like a medicine to us fans. It was the medicine for our depression. Cant thank the cast and crew members for what they have done for us fans. Even in the pandemic they are entertaining us.

I never thought it would like this because of such a reason. I don’t know the reason is true or not but if it is then this is not correct. This is injustice to the cast and fans💔💔!

I can’t stop my tears after watching the farewell pics😭.


The news of the show being off air has left all of us heartbroken 💔! Now we could not get any rrahel picture,their soothing interwiews and all!

I knew the show had to end someday but never had I thought that it would end like this💔! When rrahul returned we were on cloud nine but they snatched this happiness from us🥺!

I wish I could just see rrahul and Helly together again on a project. I don’t know how I am gonna live without it but I promise I won’t leave my telly updates family and would keep posting my articles to entertain you❤️!

Take care everyone! This time will also pass❤️! Just keep supporting everyone of our immj2 cast❤️❤️! I would like to thank everyone for giving such an amazing show and cast to us❤️❤️!

All the best to the cast for their new projects 🙏❤️!I  am always there to support them❤️🥺!

I hope I could just stop my tears which are flowing continuasly now! I have never seen such a lovely and supportive fandom like we are❤️!

We love immj2❤️!

We love rrahel❤️!

We love our cast❤️!

We fans love each other❤️!

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