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In Pragya’ s House
Prachi  reaches home and sees Pragya whose eyes have turned red as a result of crying continuesly. She rushes towards her and hugs her. And manages to take her to the room. While Pragya is still holding the engagement card in her hands and crying continuesly.
Prachi – What happened maa? Why are crying?
Pragya is not able to speak anything.
Shahana- Prachi, I don’t know what exactly happened here but I saw Rhea leaving the house when I was coming. I am sure that Rhea has done something because of which massi is crying.
Prachi ( gets angry) – Maa just tell me what Rhea has done, today I’ll teach her how to behave with her mom and her sister.
On hearing this Pragya speaks something very feeble.
Pragya- No, no Rhea has not done anything.
Prachi – Then why did she come here and why are u crying?
Pragya shows her the engagement card and says this is the reason. Rhea came here to give me this. Prachi then sees the engagement card and her eyes get filled with tears.
Prachi (angrily) – Ohh she came here to  invite us for engagement. How dare she, first she forced papa to agree  for the marriage and now she wants maa to see this and break her internally. She tears the engagement card and says we are not going anywhere tomorrow.
Pragya – No Prachi, we will go to the engagement tomorrow.
Prachi – But why maa?
Pragya – Because… I don’t hv any problem with it and if Rhea wants this to happen then this will only happen.
Prachi – But maa… You see maa if u will not stop then tomorrow papa will stop his engagement himself. And he will not marry Meera aunty at all.
Shahana- Yes Prachi, Mehra sir will stop his engagement. I know that he loves massi very much.
Pragya – U both pls leave me alone for sometime.
Prachi and Shahana leave owing to Pragya’ s request.
Pragya POV
I will not stop this engagement for Rhea. If she wants Meera to marry her dad then it’s  fine. I can do this much for Rhea. She will understand the things slowly and steadily. And she will herself stop this marriage. I know she loves me and is only angry fom me.
In Prachi’ s room
Prachi – By the way Shahana where were u when Rhea came home?
Shahana- Actually, I…. I was
Shahana’ s POV
Sorry Prachi I cannot tell u the truth. After two days I am leaving so I went to buy the tickets  but now I won’t leave until u and massi shift to Mehra mansion and everything becomes fine.
Prachi jolts Shahana to get her out of her own world.
Prachi- Where were u?
Shahana- Actually I was at my friends house.
Prachi – Okay. By the way which friend?
Shahana – Why are u questioning me like u are a CBI officer and I am a culprit.
Prachi – Anything haan…
Shahana and Prachi  start laughing.
In Mehra Mansion
Ranbir arrives there and rushes to Aryan’ s room.
Aryan is sleeping. And Ranbir gets angry on seeing him .
Ranbir – Aryan… Aryan
He tries to wake him up but when he doesn’t wake up he throws a glass of water on his face , which breaks Aryan ‘ s sleep.
Aryan – Ahh. What happened? What happened?
Aryan sees Ranbir.
Aryan – Ranbir u? U spoiled my sleep. I got such a sound sleep.
Ranbir – Here I am stuck in such a big and u want to sleep. Shame on u.
Aryan- What happened now?
Ranbir – Today I went to meet Prachi to tell her the truth but failed again.
Aryan- Why?
Ranbir – I don’t know exactly but something happened, I guess it was Shahana who called Prachi. And after she picked up the call she ran away from the restaurant.
Aryan- Did u ask her about the matter ?
Ranbir – No yarr. I didn’t get the time but I hope it is not a serious matter.
Aryan – I hope for the same..
Aryan ‘s POV
I hope that Shahana is fine. I should call her, but it will not look good if I call her right now. So what she is my friend I can call her anytime , and in friendship we don’t see time and place. (Aryan suddenly realizes what he said and scolds himself for calling that annoying girl his friend) Though we are not friends.. but we are, yes we are friends. Okay if we are friends then  I can call her anytime. So it’s final that I’ll call her after Ranbir leaves.
Ranbir – Aryan what are u thinking?
Aryan – No.. Nothing bro.
Ranbir – Yrr now how I’ll tell the truth to Prachi?
Aryan- Ranbir u can call her.
Ranbir- But if she’ll not pick my call then?
Aryan- Don’t think negatively, she’ll definitely pick ur call.
Ranbir – Hope so this only happens.
Ranbir leaves for Kohli mansion and bids farewell to Aryan.
After Ranbir leaves, Aryan immediately calls Shahana. Shahana picks up the call.
Aryan – Hello!
Shahana – Hii
Aryan- How are u?
Shahana – I am fine. How are u?
Aryan – I am also fine.
Aryan- Is everything okay?
Shahana – Yes. Everything is okay. But are you okay?
Aryan – Yeah I am okay. But why are u asking this question to me?
Shahana – Because u never talked to me like that. U are talking to me so politely like if I am ur teacher. (Shahana laughs)
Aryan feels happy when he hears Shahana’ s laughter.
Shahana- Why did u call me?
Aryan – What do u mean. Can I not call u just like that?
Shahana – U can call. But u always call when u want to know something or hv some work.
Aryan – Yeah, actually I wanted to ask about Prachi. Is she fine?
Shahana – Yes, she is absolutely fine. But why are u asking this?
Aryan – Woh, Ranbir told me that she ran away from restaurant without informing him.
Shahana – Woh actually massi was not feeling well so I called her. But now she is fine don’t worry.
Aryan- Okay. Take good care of her.
Shahana- Yes. Then good bye.
Aryan- So early?
Shahana- What do you mean by so early. It’s been around ten, I hv to sleep…
Aryan interrupts Shahana in between.
Aryan- U sleep so early?
Shahana – No I don’t sleep so early but tomorrow I hv to go somewhere.
Aryan – Are u leaving for Hoshiyarpur tomorrow? U said that u will  leave after informing me but you didn’t bother to tell me.
Shahna – No idiot I am not leaving tomorrow, I hv to cancel my tickets and also hv to attend the engagement in Mehra mansion.
Aryan- It means that u were leaving that’s why u hv to cancel tickets.
Shahana – Aryan what’s ur problem, I can leave anytime when I want without informing anyone.
Aryan gets sad on hearing this while Shahana also feels bad for what she said.
Shahana – I am sorry Aryan. I should hv not spoken this, I know u were asking me this as a good friend but I was frustrated so I spoke anything. And now I promise whenever I’ll leave I’ll inform u for sure.
Aryan- No problem Shahana it happens with me also. So let’s meet tomorrow.
Shahana – Okay. Then bye.
Aryan – Bye
Aryan feels bad remembering Shahana’s  words but feels that she said everything as she was frustrated and remembers that Shahana called him friend and feels happy and then goes to sleep.

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