Being with my so called kidnapper # episode 3 # nightmare – Telly Updates

Hello peps I am back sry for keep u waiting

I guess my this ff is not getting much response isn’t it is going nice


He again shouted are u listening

I said yes in affirmation

But his next sentence just made my senses go numb!!
Epi starts here

Riddhima’s pOv

I can’t believe my ears what he said

Pov ends

Vansh’s POV

When she went to sleep an unknown fear conquered my heart what if she try to escape

What if she feel unsafe with me afterall i m a stranger for her

So i went to her room and tell her from outside that

No need to feel unsafe here

As far as i am here no one can harm u

And don’t lock the door from inside what if u need anything in night..

If u need anything just call me once  good night

And i left from there..

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

Is he really nice or pretending to be

In my whole life nobody care for me neither my step father nor my step brother

I had a miserable life

Then why is he taking care of me.

A strange fear conquered in my heart

No no no!! Don’t think too much he really seems to be nice

Is he!!

My sub conscious mind mocked me..

Should i lock the door from inside

No he told me not to why he Said that..

And how he knew what i was thinking

First time in my life someone felt my emotions before my saying this feeling is so peaceful

Shrugging all my thoughts i lied on bed

Oh what a heaven it is..!!

And i felt in deep slumber thinking abt this unknown person

Pov ends

Scene 2

A small girl of 12 to 13 years is pleeding in front of a man

Girl – Don’t beat me plz i will never disobey u..

Man – But u already did

So be ready for punishment..

He take out his belt and started beating her

The girl is crying in pain but that devil didn’t stop

Girl – Plz stop..leave me plz.. Don’t beat me..

Riddhima (in sleep) – No..plz..plz.. Leave me don’t beat me..pz..

She is screaming in sleep seeing the whole nightmare (scene 2)

Vansh’s POV

I was thinking abt her only how can someone be so innocent is she faking it or..she is really this much innocent

She is a mystery for me..

Thinking this i felt in deep slumber

I was sleeping peacefully until

A known voice of a girl comes in my ear

Seems like she is screaming for help

But who the hell is she and what a girl is doing in my house

As far as i remember i live here alone..

Wait!! Shit!!Its her..

Its riddhima’s voice

I woke up with sudden jerk

Such a idiot i am how can i forget i brought her in morning myself

Thousands Of bad thoughts came in my mind

Why is she screaming

Is someone trying to kidnap her..

Shrugging this i ran to her room

I was bit hassitant to open the door first but then i remember i told her not to lock the door

And seeing the door open a sudden feeling of pride indulge me..

She is feeling safe with me

I open the door slowly and the scene next to me..hitched my breath

She is screaming in sleep and she is drenched in sweat

Pov ends

Vansh goes near her hold her hand

Vansh – one is here..u are safe..

But she is still screaming and crying

He shake her alot and she gets up and sits

And started crying

Vansh’s POV

My heart is piercing seing her like this..

What fear is killing her from inside

I didn’t think abt what will she think of me and i started rubbing her back in order to make her calm insuring she is safe with me

Pov ends

Riddhima’s POV

Again that nightmare

They are not just nightmare they were part of my life..

I cried a alot remembering that

But suddenly i felt someone’s presence around me

It was he!!

the guy i meet in morning the guy who is accomodating me  for god knows what reason

He was trying to make me calm

He was rubbing my back weeping my tears saying you are safe with me

I won’t lie i really felt safe first time in my life

A sudden fear indulge me and i hugged him in order to be safe

Pov ends

Vansh’s POv

Am i dreaming or she really hugged me..

That means she is feeling safe with Me

And why not there is no reason to feel unsafe with me

I hugged her back and caresses her back to make her calm

Many emotions are coming in my heart

Am i feeling peace..

Am i feeling heaven with her..

Shrugging all my thoughts i focused on her

Pov ends

Riddhima’s pOV

The moment i hugged him my all worries and fear vanished

I am feeling safe and secure in his arms

The way he is handling me
As if i am a glass doll

I hugged him more tight feeling the proximity between us

Pov ends

Riddhima breaks the hug

Riddhima (stammering) – Wo..i

Vansh (keeping finger on her lips) – Shhhh!! not now !! you need rest we will discuss tomorrow


He make her lied down on bed and Stroke her hairs

Vansh – I am here only no need to feel unsafe

Riddhima (semi conscious) – Plz stay with me.. Don’t leave me..

He keep stroking her hairs and she felt in deep slumber

He covered her with comforter and sleep on the couch in same room

Done for today

I hope u like it..

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