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Choti Sardarni 13th September 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Rajveer says Mausi ji you shouldn’t have scolded Seher in front of her brothers. She could be upset. Ramila says no girl is sad on her own wedding. She says we have an image in public. Don’t come to me defending her.

Karan and Param say seher are you okay? Is there any problem? Seher says no. It’s my fault. I kept thinking about Kunal how he broke my heart. Karan says stop thinking about him. Param says you should be happy that you’re not with him. They all love you. You have an amazing family and husband. Seher recalls what Harshdeep said. Seher says everyone is very nice. I am sorry you had to hear all this. Param says we can give our life for you. Rajveer comes there and says I am sorry Karan and Param. Sorry for what Mausi ji said. They hug him and says she’s our elder. It’s her right. Let’s meet tomorrow. They leave. Rajveer says Seher you had such a solid entry. I was like there will be a huge battle. You looked like a movie heroine. Seher smiles. He says you’re smiling finally? He says don’t pretend to be happy for me or dida or your brothers. Be happy. Seher says I need to get fresh.

Karan and Param say to Ramila we are sorry on Seher’s behalf Please forgive us. they leave. Harshdeep says you did right and showed her your place. She will know how to behave in in-laws house.

Scene 2
Seher cries in washroom thinking about everything. Seher says sorry mama papa. I can’t hear anything about you both. Rajveer is my best friend. But he can never be my husband. But nothing is more important than family. I will stay silent for family. I will never repeat such mistake again. Seher comes out. rajveer says Seher I know you’re trying to be happy.

Scene 3
Harshdeep says hurry up get everything ready. Dimpy says but Seher isn’t happy. How can we decorate the room? Harshdeep says they have to come close to each other tonight.

The girls bring Seher to the room. A girl says Seher do you like the room? It’s so pretty. Anurita says call Rajveer. Our bride can’t wait. The girl says Rajveer can’t wait either.

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