A sweet and short one …..
In the washroom :-
Sitting at a corner , while tears are flowing like a waterfall , from those apple eyes , which once had spark in them are now red in pain & anger …
She is ashamed of herself for being a coward and blinding trusting her love , who is actually betraying her from the starting ,
I am soo lonely broken angel
I am soo lonely , listen to my heart
One & only broken angel
Come & save me before I fall apart
Subconscious :- oy hoy fool , badi kehti hona , mujhe dhoka nhi de sakti , abhi dekh , kya hua
Her subconscious mocked her
She broke down even more ….
Subconscious :- oy hoy ….. Why are you wasting your PRECIOUS TEARS , for that moron , now wipe your tears
Her subconscious gave her strength
2 years later :-
At a party
While she is having her drink , a glimpse made her fell furious , it’s the same bastard , in anger she broke the glass into pieces , by smashing it with her own hand , while she is left in anger , a person is literally concerned for her , grabbing  handkerchief from his pocket , he tied it to her , she came out of her thoughts , and saw his worry for her , who is nothing just a bestie to him , she have fallen for his care & affection ,
Subconscious :- ab bata na mat , ki yeh sirf friendship hai , aur kuch nahi
in fact , she is unaware of his feelings for her , who is loving her from the starting of their friendship , who was heartbroken , learning his love is in relationship with someone, who stood by her no matter what , who loved her from the core of his heart ,
One fine day :-
Subconscious :- ab bata na mat tune use propose nahi karega , jaa , abhi sahi waqt , jaake use propose kar
” VANSH ….. ”
” HMM… ”
He turned back while holding phone to his ear , on a call with someone ..
” I love you ….. Will you marry me ?? ”
He was literally shocked by her move
” Are you serious riddu ?? ”
” Nahi nahi ….. Woh , actually , hamari college mein anniversary celebrations hai , uske bina hi , rehearsal kar rahi thi , kaise hai ?? , Realistic toh haina ”
” Toh yeh sach nahi ”
” Idiot …. Mad monkey , I love you re ”
They hugged each other tightly
1 year later :-
” Good evening ladies & gentlemen , I am glad to announce , the industrialist of the year is ….
She came up on the stage & took her award … Her gaze then fell on her love , who just arrived & admiring his wife … She instantly ran and encircling her arms around him , she hugged him tightly . ​​​

​ Healing a broken angel , wiping her precious tears , erasing her bitter memories of past , getting tangled in her love , fixing the scattered & shattered pieces of her heart , applying medicine to the scar on her soul , winning over her golden heart , and present interlocking the fingers and engaging with her throughout lifetime

Sorry if its boring ….

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