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Day 11
The inmates are fighting in the task. Karan is snatching canes from Afsana. Afsana attacks Miesha. All others charge at them. Umar says Miesha is getting hurt. Vidhi tries to take the bucket from Donal. Umar tells Jay to move away from Miesha. Miesha cries that she is getting hurt. Shamita asks them to be careful. Karan tries to pull Jay away and gets angry. Nishant pulls him back and asks him to calm down. Don’t do this. Karan huffs in angry. Miesha cries in the corner. Karan says they keep pulling us. Miesha says they were pulling my hair. Umar tells Afsana that you are kicking people. Pratik shows Umar’s face to Shamita. Umar tells Shamita that you have to stop them, they have torn my clothes, what is all this? Shamita says you have done a lot Umar, you are charging at people too. Miesha goes behind Vidhi. Vidhi is hurt so Miesha cleans her up. Umar shouts at Ishaan that your team is playing badly. Miesha comes and tries to attack Donal. She tells Donal that you have hurt me and Vidhi badly. You have pulled my hair nonstop. Pratik asks Miesha to calm down. Miesha gets angry and tries to take Tejasswi’s bucket. Akasa pulls her back and says you will get hurt. The gong plays as everyone is fighting with each other. Bigg Boss says this round has ended so you all should stop now. Ishaan shouts Umar is getting the task rejected. Afsana gives juice to Vishal. Karan asks Afsana to get lost. Umar says Tejasswi is using water. Vishal says our bucket is empty. Shamita asks them all to stop it. Nishant tells Shamita that I saw Afsana’s bucket and it had juice. Pratik says I also saw them. Shamita asks Pratik to stop it, they took the bucket to the washroom which is not allowed. Shamita says nobody is the winner in this round. You all are playing like holigoons. Miesha cries and tells Karan who is Donal to pull on my hair? Karan says we won this round but Shamita wants them to win. Miesha curses and says she is an animal. Karan says they are playing without brains.
Shamita tells everyone to listen to her. She says you can’t take the bucket to the washroom where there is water and you can use it. Umar shows his wound on the face and says Shamita is on their side that’s why she can’t see all this. Shamita shouts at Pratik and Nishant to not pounce on her. Nishant asks Shamita to calm down and listen to him. You just have to check the level of their juice. Shamita says but they can’t take the bucket to the washroom.

8 PM
Nishant tells Shamita that you don’t have to believe me but I saw Ishaan’s team hiding the juice in the washroom area. Shamita says they can’t take it to the washroom. Nishant says there is no such rule, you can’t make your own rules. Pratik says they can hide it. Shamita says they could but they had a water supply in the washroom area. If you both want to pounce on me then do it. I am just using my common sense.

Jay tells Karan that everyone is cursing now. Can’t you all see now? Afsana says I won’t spare Umar.
Ishaan cries and tells Simba that I can’t take all this. Miesha is hurt and Umar kept attacking us. Simba says you have tried your best. Ishaan says I just miss my mother. Simba hugs and consoles him.
Miesha tells Tejasswi that our play is to snatch from you all. We are weaklings so we are fighting.
Ishaan tells Simba that Miesha was pushing me back, it hurt me. I have nominated myself for her but she is doing all this for a task? Simba says you came alone in this house, Miesha is a nice girl but don’t forget why you are here. You came here without Miesha so you have to play alone. Ishaan says you are right.

Pratik tells Shamita to look around so she can see what others are doing. Shamita says don’t tell me what to do. Pratik says you lost OTT also because of this. Shamita says you were never fair in OTT also. Nishant tells Shamita to do what she thinks is right.
Umar tells Afsana that another team was on your side but you couldn’t trust them? Akasa asks Umar to end it, give her some space. Miesha comes to Ishaan and hugs him. Ishaan says you kept pushing me, you kept cursing me. Miesha says only you can get angry? I can’t?

Afsana pours water into her juice bucket. Vishal says nobody saw it.

Karan tells Nishant that they hit Vidhi badly, we still fought alone. They made an alliance to fight us together. Nishant says Shamita’s decision was wrong.

Bigg Boss tells the inmates that today’s time for the task has ended.

8:30 PM
Shamita tells Jay and Vishal that I am not playing a fair game as I gave more cane sticks to you. All are pouncing at me now. Shamita calls Nishant and says why are you asking me to fairly when you know we made a pact with Vishal’s team. Nishant says I am not asking you to play fairly, we will make Vishal’s team win. Shamita says if I am working on our plan then why are you calling me unfair? We 3 decided to favor Vishal’s team. Pratik says it was your decision, I asked you to play fairly. I kept telling you to give equal canes to them. Shamita says we all decided together to make Vishal’s team win. Nishant asks them to stop it, we will discuss this later on.

Miesha taunts Shamita’s fair play and says she didn’t give us cane sticks.

9 PM
Jay tells Miesha that I saw you cheating, you poured water in the bucket. Miesha says I promise I didn’t do it. I don’t have an issue with you making an alliance with Ishaan’s team. The only issue is that Donal and Afsana were hurting us. They can’t pull on hair, use their nails and scratch our faces. That’s just wrong.

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