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Ghar Ek Mandir 11th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Genda walks to Anuradha and says why are you cleaning now, Anuradha says this room cleaning was remaining so I am doing now, Genda says give let me do it, Anuradha says you go help Nisha, Genda says kitchen work all is done, Anuradha says why so much love towards me today, Genda says I always love my mother, Anuradha asks why are you so happy today, Genda says because I want all your blessings, Anuradha says my blessings always are with you, and I feel like having tea, will you, Genda says yes, Anuradha says I will make tea you dust the cupboard too please.
Genda cleaning cupboard finds a photo.

Anuradha making tea, Nisha asks her why are you making tea let me, Anuradha says I was making tea for Genda, will you have too, Nisha says no I am good and thinks how is Anuradha favouring Genda so much. Genda walks in and says why did you hide this from us mummyji, and shows her, her dance photo, Anuradha says where did you find this and were you spying on me, Genda says but why did you hide this, you look like a very good classical dancer, Anuradha says hide it, your Papaji won’t like it, Nisha sees it and says you look so pretty, Genda says but why did you leave dancing and you should start again, Nisha says that time was different Genda and Papaji doesn’t like all this, and Mummyji what will she do dancing now, Genda says why can’t she, Anuradha says forget it Genda go keep this, Genda thinking why can’t Anuradha dance again.

Genda at dinner table, about to tell Anuradha’s dancing photo to everyone, Anuradha says she can’t keep a single thing as secret, Varun asks what all is this, tell us too, Manish says even I am confused, Kundan walks in, and asks to get his dinner in bedroom, Anuradha asks why but, you never have asked such thing before, we eat together, Kundan says why act as if we are doing good, send my food in room and leaves. Anuradha says to Genda, look he is still upset, Genda says because he thinks you are his own and so he is upset, he will be fine soon, Anuradha says you don’t know him

Anuradha takes her food to bedroom, Kundan says what all is this, why did you make this Sabji, don’t you know I dont like it, Anuradha says kids wanted to have, atleast taste it once, Kundan says now food also I have to have what others want, and is it like kids even you think I am enemy, I don’t want to eat take it away, Anuradha walks out and sees Genda, Genda says Mummyji I am sorry I cooked this sabji, Anuradha says you aren’t at fault and for sabji he is so upset and you want me to dance, Genda says every person has some talent and when you cherish it you glow is confidence and t and according to me dance wasn’t your hobby but passion , don’t leave it, Anuradha says but what is use of such Passion which hurts other, and me dancing in this house not possible.

Genda thinks about Maharaji and walks to Anuradha and says you will dance come what may, Anuradha says this is not possible, Genda says what if Papaji dances with you, Anuradha says stop day dreaming, Genda says I promise Papaji will do it, Anuradha says okay then see me dance then, but trust me its impossible, Genda says in 24 hrs this will happen, I promise. Anuradha says lets see.

Varun says Genda you are mad, you promised Mom about dancing, Papa hates all this, Genda says I know but do you know how good dancer Mummyji is, Varun says okay but 24hrs how, Genda says I don’t know how but I know I will do it, Varun says may God help you, Genda says God will help me and I feel so confident, like I found my faith back, Varun says that is very good so do it but what if you won’t be able too, Genda says what will you do if I win, Varun says I will kiss infront of everyone, Genda blushes says no ways its impossible, Varun pulls her close and says if you do your impossible so will I.

Nisha gets Anuradha tea next day, Genda gets breakfast, Anuradha says no and says I am fasting, Genda asks why, what is it, Anuradha says I have to do pooja see you later. Genda asks Nisha does she know, Nisha says no.

Genda with Anuradha performs pooja, Anuradha’s phone rings, she asks Genda to receive it, Nani asks Genda how is she doing, Genda says she is fine and asks how is she doing, and says Anuradha is performing pooja, Nani says I just wanted to thank her, she supported me being a daughter, Genda says daughter isnt different then son, why thank her, Nani says Anuradha is lucky to have you as daughter in law, Genda asks her does she know why Anuradha is fasting today, Nani says no.

Anuradha walks to Genda and gives Genda prasad, Genda bluffs says Nani told me about fasting, and says what all you do today or just fast, Anuradha says I use to fast, cook favourite food, apply Mehndi but now, kids are big too so all is fine and leaves.

Genda walks to Anuradha and says you said you applied Mehndi today, so come let me apply Mehndi, Genda starts applying Mehndi and asks what all you use to do today, Anuradha says when Varun and Manish were kids, guests use to come we use to go out sometimes, Genda says what else, Anuradha says enough and who does all this on their 30th wedding anniversary, Genda says what its your wedding anniversary, Anuradha says why be so surprised you know it right, Genda says yes I am so happy, and writes Kundan’s name on her hand, Anuradha says you are so childish and include me too in it and I wish your Papaji also was so happy like you are. Genda says he will and thinks he will also dance with you as promsied.

Pre cap: Genda says to Varun, I will make today’s day very special for Mummy and Papa, you don’t forget your promise.
Anuradha says to Kundan, I never thought you would get me flowers, Kundan says I didn’t send any, when you send me clothes, Anuradha says I didn’t, Kundan says who did this then.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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