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hi friends!!!. Iam sorry for late as i had internal exam..i will try to upload each episodes within 2 days but sometimes it gets late due to some works or exams 🙁. kindly adjust for it..and thank you for your supporting 😄. Here is the next episode..

as majority have chosen Mishti..i will bring Mishti and kuhu here. And both of them will be own sister’s and they are daughter’s of naitik’s brother naman and his wife karishma.

Kartik and tina travels in the car and kartik notices someone lying on the road and stops the car immediately..

Kartik in mind:ohh noo..what happened to this guy?why is he lying on the road?let me go and check..

Tina looks at kartik’s face and..

Tina:sir..what happened?

Kartik looks Tina and..

Kartik:see..there is someone lying on the road. Let me go and help him..

Tina notices his lips and understands it and looks the person lying on the road but doesn’t sees his face and gets shocked..

Tina:sir..i will also come and help him. be here. I’ll go and help him.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets sad..

Tina:sir..i cant see anyone in trouble. So please let me also come and help please sir..

Tina makes a puppy face and kartik notices her face and gets mesmerized..

Kartik in mind:arrey kartik..what is happening to you?why are you looking like her as if she is a fairy.

Kartik comes out of the trance and smiles..

Kartik:fine..but don’t make this puppy face again to melt me.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and smiles..

Tina:ok sir..

Tina and kartik goes to that guy and sees him while kartik gets shocked seeing naksh..

Kartik shockingly:naksh..

Tina notices naksh and..

Tina:sir..i think this guy is wounded in head. So let us do first aid fast..

Kartik turns to Tina and..

Kartik:but we should take him to hospital Tina.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:no sir..he just got little wounds so he will be fine with first aid atself..and if we take him to hospital then they will ask us to do check MRI and this and is just a waste of money. So I’ll do first aid for him..

Kartik:are you sure that he will be fine?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:yes sir..i have managed like this situation many times and that’s why i voluntarily told.

Kartik:ok..then I’ll bring first aid box from the car..

Kartik goes and brings the first aid box and gives it to Tina while Tina sits near unconscious naksh and keeps naksh’s face on her lap and feels something strange..

Tina in mind:why do i feel strange on touching this guy?

But Tina ignores her thoughts and she does his first aid and looks at his face and she gets flashes of her and naksh in childhood..

Tina immediately moves away from naksh shockingly..

Tina in mind:what is happening with me?why did I get weird day dreams on touching this guy?

Kartik gets shocked seeing Tina shocked and he touches her shoulder which makes Tina come out of trance and she looks kartik..

Kartik:what happened?are you fine?why did you move shockingly from him?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:i..i.. don’t know sir. I..felt something when i touched him and that’s why.

Kartik:fine..maybe due to applying medicines. And is he fine now?

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:yes sir..he will wake up in some minutes.

Kartik smiles and congratules her by holding her shoulder..

Kartik:you are great..and have such a good heart. I don’t know how to thank you but thanks for saving naksh.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and gets shocked.. you know him already?

kartik:yes..he is my father’s friend’s son and also my sister’s boss.

Tina notices his lips and understands it and..

Tina:ohh..ok sir.

Suddenly Tina sees the time and gets shocked..

Tina:sir..i will go to college myself. And you take care of him already became late.

Kartik thinks..

Kartik in mind: i think Tina is right..she has to go to college. And i need to instigate with naksh about that attacker and i think the same attacker would have tried to harm naksh. go and iam sorry as i couldn’t drop you.

Tina notices his lips and understands it..

Tina:it’s okay sir..

Tina moves from there but she feels weird when she passes naksh and gets sad..

Tina in mind:why am i feeling restless when i come near this guy? I think it’s just a misconceptual feeling..let me ignore it.

Tina ignores the feeling and goes away while kartik sits near naksh and thinks about the attacker..

Kartik in mind:who that attacker maybe?naksh is such a good man then who can have an enemity with him?

Suddenly naksh wakes up and stumbles..

Naksh:who is that person who touched me now?

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:calm down naksh..why are you asking about that person?

Naksh remembers naira bandaging him in childhood and gets emotional..

Naksh sadly: actually i felt the same hands of my lost sister and that’s why.

Kartik gets suprised..

Kartik:do you have sister too?

Naksh sadly:yes..i had twin sisters but one of them died years ago and i felt her touch when someone did my first aid now.

Kartik gets shocked and hugs naksh..

Kartik: i feel sad that you lost one of your sister but be strong. You would have felt your sister’s touch because of a lady’s touch on you now.

Naksh gets emotional..

Naksh:maybe yes..i should not overthink about my lost sister orelse i will become mad.ok..tell me where am i now?

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik:i should ask this question now..why did you lie unconscious here?

Naksh remembers aditya and his fight and..

Naksh in mind:i think i should hide this matter from kartik because i cant tell him about aditya.

Kartik:did that attacker attacked you again? I know someone is behind please tell me if you know that person and i will help you to get rid of him.

Naksh gets shocked..

Naksh: do you..

Kartik:Keerthi gained consciousness and told that someone tried to kill you and that’s why iam asking you. Please tell that attacker’s name because i should also take revenge for harming my sister.

Naksh in mind:i think i should tell it to kartik atleast for keerthi’s safety..i wont allow aditya to betray Keerthi.

Naksh:kartik..i don’t know how you will react hearing that guy’s name because that person is close to you in relation..

Kartik gets shocked..

Kartik shockingly:it’s ok..tell me.


Kartik gets shocked and stumbles.. could he be your enemy?

Naksh:i know you can’t believe it but iam telling the truth. I swear on my mother’s name..

Kartik holds naksh’s shoulder and..

Kartik:i don’t need your promise to believe you. I believe you more like my family and i never expected that Aditya is your enemy.

Naksh: he is my enemy because of your family only..

Kartik gets shocked..


Naksh tells everything about aditya Tara’s relationship and Aditya’s plan to get properties from manish which shocks kartik..

Kartik shockingly: what the hell?

Kartik gets angry and..

Kartik angrily:how can he try to fool my sister.. and how dare he to cheat my father. I will never leave him..

Naksh:even i respect Keerthi so I’ll help you to expose him and get him arrested. And also he became successful by stealing my designs so i wont leave him..

Kartik:then we both will expose that brat..are you ready?


Kartik hugs naksh..

Kartik: i respect you as my brother.

Naksh too hugs kartik happily..

Naksh:even me too..

They both smile..

Naksh:then you go to college and i will take some rest and go to office. And we will discuss about our plan in evening..


They both leave the place..


Ranveer gets up and gets shocked seeing sirat lying on his chest..

Ranveer in mind:ohh noo..what happened to this girl?i just pretended to be unconscious to scare her but she fell down i should wake her up..

Ranveer tries to wake sirat but she doesn’t respond so he brings a water bottle nearby and pours on her which makes sirat wake up..

Sirat whispers:where am i ? What happened to me?..

She holds her head and gets up and looks Ranveer and gets remembered the incident and gets shocked..

Sirat shockingly: are you fine?

Ranveer:yes..iam fine only but what happened to you suddenly?

Sirat:if you were fine.. then why did you lied unconscious?

Ranveer:i thought to do prank on you to make little fun as you always get serious on me and that’s why i acted to be unconscious.. ok tell me what happened to you suddenly?

Sirat gets shocked and also gets more angry hearing this and she shouts..

Sirat shouts:who the hell are you to ask me what happened to me? After doing such a cheap work you are acting like a good are really a mad.

Ranveer gets shocked on her scoldings and..

Ranveer:you are calling me cheap huh?i just pranked a prank is a cheap work?

Sirat shouts:pranking is not a cheap work but your death actions was cheap.. i fsinted because of your stupid drama only.

Ranveer gets shocked..


Sirat shouts: guys like you can never all fool girls for your entertainment but we have to suffer for it.

Ranveer gets angry on hearing this and he shouts..

Ranveer shouts:enough..i cant hear more than this. You are making a bigg issue for just a small prank. I just did for fun but you are taking it as serious..

Sirat:now you atself told that you did for fun. Is girls are made for an entertainment purposes for you guys?you are really a characterless man..

Ranveer gets more angry hearing this and..

Ranveer:shut up..i did a big mistake by falling for you. When i saw you in temple i just fell for you at first sight atself and i thought to reveal my feelings when the time comes. Whenever you shout..i just took it as normal but now you are accusing me as characterless which i can’t accept.

Sirat: it’s your mistake for falling for me understood? I told you characterless because you made fun out of me and if you have acted little more then i would surely got heart attack.

Ranveer gets shocked..

Ranveer:fine..iam sorry for falling for you and i will never come after you hereafter. And i didn’t act that much to give you heart attack understood? I just acted to be unconscious and it’s your mistake to think as if iam died and there are many pranksters who pranks girls and those girls also never take it seriously but you are behaving as if i harassed you.

Sirat: don’t turn your mistakes into me..i just want to ignore you now. Please go away from me.

Ranveer angrily:fine..i will never come back. Iam sorry for disturbing you.

Ranveer turns and goes while sirat looks him going and cries..

Sirat in mind: i know you did it for just fun but i really got panic remebering my past..iam sorry for telling you as characterless. I accused you to make you get far away from me. I know you love me truly but if you come to know that i pushed my twin sister naira then you will surely hate i did it to hide this matter. I also don’t want to fall in love and if you keep on impressing me then i may fall in love and that is one of the reason to get you away from me.iam really sorry to hurt you..

Sirat cries standing there..


In a room Avni and Niel are seen lying in a bed..

Slowly Avni and Niel opens their eyes and they get shocked seeing each other near and they immediately gets up from the bed.. can you lie down near me?

Avni:i should ask the same question to did we lie on this bed near each other? We were traveling in the car only right?then how come we are here?

Niel remebers hitting the car in tree and holds his head..

Niel:i lastly Remember that i hitted the car in a tree and i don’t remember after that.

Avni gets shocked..

Avni:did we met with an accident?

Niel:iam sorry..a small girl came before the car and i tried to turn but suddenly i lost balance and the car got hitted in the tree.

Avni:ohh noo..thank god we are safe. But how did we come here?

Niel:even i don’t know.

Suddenly a lady and a men enters the room..

Lady:we only brought you both here..

Men:yes..we saw your car damaged and brought you both here to help you guys.

Lady:and we are sorry as our child only came in between..

Niel and Avni smiles..

Niel:thank you so much for your help. And don’t apologise as every child are playful only.


Suddenly avni coughs roughly and the lady gets worried and brings water and gives it to him..

Lady: please feed the water to your wife..i think she is coughing due to bad weather.

Avni and Niel gets shocked but Avni continues to cough and so..

Niel:bu..but..we are n..not..

Men: don’t try to hesitate man. If a husband feeds water to wife then every problems gets solved.

Niel:no actually iam just..

Lady: i know you are shy before us. But don’t hesitate in this time.. kindly feed her fast orelse her throat atself will break due to continuous cough.

Without any option Niel feeds water to avni..

Both meets with an intense eyelock..

They break their eyelock and..

Avni: actually thank you for your help aunty..but..

Lady:it’s’s our pleasure to help both of you. May god bless you both to stay together forever.

Again Niel and Avni gets shocked..

Niel in mind: iam getting wrong blessings always..what a fate!.

Niel:my dear uncle and aunty..we both have an urgent meeting so we will leave now and thank you for your great help.

Niel pulls Avni and runs out from the house shocking that lady and men..

Men:i thought to ask them to stay here tonight as they were looking tired.

Lady:yes..but they ran away suddenly.

Men:yes..i think it’s an urgent meeting for them and that’s why they ran like that.

Lady:maybe..ok come let us do our work.


While Avni Stops niel while running and..

Avni:why did you pull me like this and why are you hurrying suddenly?

Niel:hey Avni..dint you notice both of them. If we stay there more then they will really make us husband and wife.

Avni laughs.. are true. Even they gave wrong blessings.


Avni:but how will we go now as our car is damaged?

Niel: we will go in a bus and i will call my constables to take my car to the mechanic.


Niel informs to his constables through the phone and he goes along with Avni in a bus..


Akshara and bhabhimaa are sitting together..

Bhabhimaa: Do you know kartik goenka?

Akshara:yes..naitik told me about him. He is the son of naitik’s friend mr.manish goenka’s son. Naitik told that he is working as a professor in the college..

Bhabhimaa:yes..naitik used to praise about kartik as he have helped naitik a lot when his business struggled.

Akshara:yeah..he is a good guy.

Bhabhimaa: then why don’t we think about his alliance?

Akshara gets shocked..

Akshara:for whom?

Bhabhimaa: for our sirat..she have attained the age of marriage. So we should get her married right?if we make an alliance with goenka’s then naitik’s relationship with Manish will also increase and moreover kartik is a good guy so he will surely help sirat to pursue her dreams.

Akshara thinks..

Akshara:maybe you are right..but i will first talk this matter with manishji’s wife suwarnaji.if she agrees then we will take this alliance forward.


Suddenly naksh enters there and both bhabhimaa and akshara gets shocked seeing naksh bandaged and akshara goes and caresses his face worriedly..

Akshara:what happened duggu?why are you bandaged?

Naksh gets tensed..

Naksh in mind:i cant reveal the real matter to mom because she will get worried so i will lie..

Naksh: nothing serious just happened as i got hit in a table’s corner and that’s all.

Akshara worriedly:are you telling the truth?

Naksh:yes maa.. don’t worry it’s just a small wound that’s all.

Bhabhimaa:our sirat guessed right..she was feeling restless because of this only but we dint believe her.

Akshara:yes..i think their strong bond helps them to identify even in their absence..

Naksh:what? Did she guessed that i was in problem?


Naksh:where is she now?i should first ask about her 1st match and must thank her for her concern over me..

Akshara and bhabhimaa gets shocked..

Akshara shockingly:naksh.. what are you telling? Sirat came to your office to meet you but..

Naksh in mind:ohh noo..sirat have went to my office. I dint go to office because of this aditya only..

Naksh: actually maa..i dint go to office as i was there in hospital with Manish i directly came here to take some rest.

Akshara:ohh..i think sirat will come once she gets to know that naksh is not there in office.

Naksh: don’t worry..she will surely come.

Suddenly a bell rings and everyone gets shocked..

Bhabhimaa:who is ringing the bell at this morning?if it was sirat then she would have entered the hose without ringing the bell then who it may be?

Akshara:let us go and check..


Everyone goes and opens the door and they see two girls and they get confused..

Bhabhimaa:who are you both?

The two girls are said to be Mishti and kuhu..the two girls giggles and..

Kuhu:we are from department of corona virus. We are going to everyone’s house to check whether they are having coronavirus or we are here to check you all too.

Mishti:yes..if your result shows positive then we will take you to hospital.

Everyone gets shocked and they panic..

Bhabhimaa:ohh my godd..lord have sent shatan nowatself to take my life. If they try to test me then I’ll run away..

Naksh:iam such a healthy and wealthy person so no one have right to test me even if it is prime minister. I won’t give my tests..

Akshara:yes..even iam healthy so i also wont give the tests unnecessarily.

Hearing three of them Mishti and kuhu laughs and they do hi fi..

Mishti:we are successful in pranking..


Naksh, bhabhimaa and akshara gets shocked..

Naksh shockingly: was it a prank?


Naksh gets angry..

Naksh:then who are you both?are you a pranksters who goes and pranks in everyone’s house wasting your and our time?

Mishti:cool down..naksh bhai. We are Dr. Mishti and Nurse kuhu.

Everyone gets suprised and they laugh..

Naksh:so miss fake doctors have came here to fool us.


Bhabhimaa: ohh my godd..Mishti how did you grown up soon?

Mishti smiles.. all are teasing me about height before 5 years when i left to London but after going to London..i have grown up because krishnaji helped me to grow up. Now no one can tease me.

Naksh: ohh shut up yaar. Though you are grown up..still you are looking like oldy grandma who wears specs. So i can call you grandma hereafter though i couldn’t call you a tiny monster

Mishti glares naksh angrily..

Mishti angrily:you never change i wont leave you.

Mishti starts chasing naksh while everyone laughs at them..

Akshara:still the children’s are behaving like kids though their age is increased.

Bhabhimaa:yes..and by the way kuhu but you are same like Anabelle ghost.

Kuhu glares bhabhimaa..

Kuhu:ohh always call me Anabelle ghost because of my hair and now also you are not changing my name.

Bhabhimaa:how will i change when your hairs aren’t changed yet? Still you are keeping your hairs like pasta like before 5 years…

Kuhu giggles..

Kuhu: because i love this hair..

Akshara smiles and..

Akshara:how did you guys reach here suddenly?

Kuhu:we thought to come back to our family atself and so we came here.i will join in college and Mishti will search for job here..

Bhabhimaa gets happy while naksh and Mishti who was chasing each other too joins the conversation after they had funny moment..

Bhabhimaa happily:iam happy that my family is United. Now we all can stay in single roof..ok beta where is your mother and father?

Suddenly karishma comes there and..

Karishma: namaste aksharaji and bhabhimaa..

Everyone smiles and akshara hugs karishma..

Akshara:where were you hiding now?

Karishma: actually i was helping my kids to prank you all and that’s why i was waiting outside.

Bhabhimaa and akshara smiles and..

Bhabhimaa:where is naman and naitik?

Karishma gets sad..

Karishma: actually naman and naitikji are having an important work in London and so they are staying there atself. They told that they will reach once the work is completed..

Everyone gets dull while akshara gets more sad..

Akshara in mind:why is naitik taking this much time?he told that he will return to India as soon as possible but still he is not coming. He left to London to help naman before six months but still he is not coming…ohh krishnaji please bring my naitik back soon.

Seeing akshara sad naksh comes to her and..

Naksh:maa.. don’t worry papa will be back soon.

Akshara smiles fakely and..


Mishti:aunty where is sirat?i want to meet and suprise her.

Akshara: actually she..

Suddenly a voice comes from behind..

Voice:iam here..

Everyone turns and sees sirat and gets happy while Mishti runs and hugs sirat..

Sirat gets confused and..

Sirat:who are you?

Mishti smiles and..

Mishti:dint you recognise me? Even i have grown up but still your hair is tiny..

Sirat gets glad and..

Sirat:Mishti? found it right.

She smiles and hugs Mishti..

Sirat:iam happy that you returned..but iam not in Mood to enjoy now. So i will take some rest and come.

Sirat goes away sadly which shocks everyone..

Akshara: what happened to her suddenly? She was happy at morning but suddenly her behaviour changed.

Kuhu:aunty.. dint she come out of that trauma yet?

Akshara:no..she became fine but i don’t know why she is looking gloomy now.

Naksh: don’t worry maa.. i will go and check her. Maybe she is feeling tired due to morning match.

Bhabhimaa:akshara..i told you already that not to leave her outside as she will be tired but see now what happened..

Akshara:iam sorry maa.

Naksh goes to sirat’s room and opens it and gets shocked..


precap: goenka’s accept the alliance. Kartik makes Tina proud. Aly shouts at twinkle. Avni gets missed. Mishti and kuhu fight.

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