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Tera Mera Saath Rahe 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
People protest against Nikhila. Chiragh asks everyone to not pick up the phone. Nikhila says don’t worry I will handle it. Chiragh says but ma.. She says it’s my fault. Because of me Gopika had to leave this house. I couldn’t save Gopika and Saksham’s wedding. I will go out and handle it. Chiragh says but it’s not safe.

Gopika sees the news and says what’s happening. I have to go there. Chiragh says let me go out. Minal says no one would go out till police is here. Baa says where is Nikhila? Nikhila comes out. Gopika says maa. Nikhila says this house needs Gopika. You know my intention God. Chiragh says to Aashi this all is fake. You should try to clear it because you’re also the DIL of this house. You can go and tell them it’s fake.

Nikhila says I spread this news. Everyone is shocked. Nikhila says we were unfair to Gopika and we need to fix it. Minal says what? For her you ruined this family’s name? To bring her back? You didn’t do an inch for Tejal. She was so hurt after your decision, she never came back to meet her. Tejal is the daughter of this house. She was hurt. You didn’t even think about her. Why this unfair behavior? Only Gopika is yours and Tejal is just my daughter. You can do anything for Gopika. She left this house but we kicked Tejal out.

People keep chanting against Nikhila. Nikhila says I expected better from you that you would understand. But since you’re questioning me so listen. Tejal chose a wrong man for her. I saved him from that devil and got her married to a good man. She’s in her house. No one asked her not to come here, she’s not coming here by choice. We did wrong to Gopika. we made it impossible for her to live here. Saksham was unfair to her. She had no option but to leave this house. THis is the difference between Tejal and Gopika. Tejal doesn’t come here, because she and her mom think it was unfair to her. It’s about ethics and morals. Minal says then why doesn’t Saksham’s morals match yours? What’s your take on that? Even if Gopika comes here, would Saksham accept her? What would be her future? He has disowned her.

Nikhila says if that’s the case I also don’t deserve to live in this house. Baa says what are you saying? Nikhila says if you all think I made a wrong decision then I don’t have right to live here. Minal said I don’t deserve to live her. She leaves. Minal says no please stay. Baa tries to stop her. Nikhila leaves the house. Mr. Modi says stop there Nikhila.

Scene 2
People burn gopika’s statues. Gopika comes running there. she says I can’t let maa be insulted like this in media. Mr. Modi says you ruined this family’s name in media because of that Gopika? How could you? People are questioning us. I never interfered in your decisions because I thought you want good for this family. But you’re the enemy of this house. Saksham comes in and says enough Mr. Modi. No one can insult my mom. No one can question her like this. She’s my mother.

Scene 3
Ramila stops Gopika. SHe says what were you going to do? Gopika says I came to save maa ji from media. I will tell them it’s a lie. Ramila says who would listen to you? Saksham kicked you out. You have no worth in the society. Ramila says in heart I can’t let my maid go like that.

Nikhila says Saksham enough. Who’re you to speak between me and Mr. Modi? He says maa I was.. Nikhila stops him. Nikhila says I am not done. Did you not learn to respect your dad? Answer me. Husband can have multiple shortcomings but if wife has one, in her education, manners, or if she can’t give birth. Just leave her. she has no value. Right? What’s the difference between you and him? Husband can kick wife out anytime. He’s husband, it’s his right. Wife has no right, no self respect right? What hypocrisy is it? Why is it hurting you what your father did and doing to me? You’re taking his values forwarded by disowning your wife. Saksham is silent.

Ramila says you’re not Modi family’s DIL anymore. Come with me. Gopika says I can’t come with you. They are my family. I can’t let anything wrong happen to maa ji. She’s done nothing wrong to me. She always showed me the right path. She’s my strength. How can I see something wrong happen to her. Ramila says you are kicked out of that house. You only have my house. If you don’t come with me, I will also kick you out. Don’t get in this rich people’s mess.

Episode ends

Precap-People chant against Nikhila. Nikhila comes out. They hit her with a stone, Gopika screams maa ji.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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