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Thapki Pyaar Ki 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

First few mins will be added in sometime.

Purab tells Hansika that he heard her singing many times, but this time her voice was unique. Hansika says she was in London Music school and it showed the effect. Veena Devi says sur can change, but not voice. She goes. Purab asks Hansika not to feel bad and tells that Mom is same as before. Hansika says she don’t feel bad instead get motivated. She tells that she will leave now. Purab offers to drop her. Hansika says cab is coming. Purab says ok and is about to hand shake with her, but Hansika sees Thapki coming there and hugs Purab. She then pretends to see Thapki. Purab goes inside. Hansika asks Thapki to tell the truth to Purab and tells that he is her friend and once she was about to marry him. She says I will sacrifice for you. She says Purab is your husband now and you shall not hide from him, that you sang that song. Purab comes back and asks didn’t you go? Hansika says my cab is 10 mins late. She asks why did you return? Purab says I came to ask Thapki for having dinner, as we were busy since morning and haven’t eaten anything. Thapki asks Hansika to come and have food with them. Hansika refuses and says my cab came. She says I will pray that no problem comes in your life. Thapki asks her to take care and goes inside. Hansika says she is going to return, and will have grah pravesh soon.

Veena Devi couldn’t believe that Hansika can sing well, and thinks she don’t know any sur. Vinod comes there and says we all saw her on stage. Veena Devi says she don’t agree. He asks her to take BP medicine and goes. Veena Devi thinks of Hansika’s words and thinks very bad danger is on our family, shall get grah shanti puja.

Thapki is seated for the dinner. Purab comes there and says stomach don’t get filled due to staring. Thapki says she was waiting for him. They try to get the same thing. He asks her to start. Thapki serves him food. He stops her and says I like to serve my own food since hostel days. Thapki says you might be missing hostel life. He gets irritated and says we can share the food, but not life and memories. He asks her to serve food in her plate and don’t hope anything from him. He says don’t serve food to me again, I like to eat by myself. Thapki serves food to herself. He asks why are you not eating. Thapki says I remembered Maa seeing food, and says she had throat pain, I ordered medicine for her. Purab says your mother will be fine, asks her to eat food. He goes. Purab thinks she will give a lovely pat to him, and then he don’t need to hide himself. She gets her mother’s call. Jaya asks why Hansika’s voice is showing as yours. Thapki says she shall be in veil right now, tells that Hansika’s marriage couldn’t happen due to me, I got her side of life. She says she has become Purab’s secretary and very soon she will get her surgery too. She asks Jaya to sleep.

Later Thapki tries to take out her dress, when Purab comes there. Thapki shouts. Purab closes his eyes and asks her to go to bathroom and change. She says her bracelet is stuck in the dress. He says he will take it out. He comes near her and covers her with the dupatta. He then frees her bracelet stuck in her dress. Chupke chupke plays….He then opens his eyes. She checks the zip and tells Purab that it is stuck. He comes near her and makes her turn. He then repair the zip and looks at Thapki.

Precap: Thapki says this is less amount of juice for me. He says it is for me too. They hear the song together and sleep, while waiting. Ajeeb dastan plays…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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