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Rishton Ka Manjha 23rd November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
The pooja starts. Kush and love dance. Diya calls Arjun. He’s hidden. Karan checks his office. He calls the guard and says why was the door open? Close it. Karan leaves. Arjun sneaks out. Diya says to Madhuri I tried to bring Arjun to the pooja. Madhuri says you can’t convince him every time but at least he was part of the pooja. You did what no one could. Thank you for that. Diya smiles. Ambitabh says come here madhuri.

Madhuri says Depika take Diya to my room and she can choose the jewelry she likes. she will wear that in arti. Depika says wow.

Scene 2
Arjun says to kaka I am worried for you. He says I am not scared of Karan. I want to help you. Arjun says we have to expose Karan.

Tina and Nikharika are mad that Madhuri is giving her jewelry to Diya. Tina says we’ve to make Madhuri hate Diya. She is giving her jewelry to Diya right? This is the best chance to make her hate Diya. Diya calls Karan but he doesn’t pick. Diya says he’s not picking. Depika says don’t worry. choose your jewelry. I know you’re worried. She says this jewelry would look so good on you.

Scene 3
Income tax raids Karan’s office. He says we haev to check everywhere. Karan is worried.

Depika gets Diya ready. Niharika says Depika need to go from here.

Kaka calls Arjun and says they found a lot more cash than we thought. Arjun says you should get out of here. Arjun stays in touch with kaka. He says now you see how I expose you Karan.

Scene 4 ‘
Banno asks Depika to show her where bhog is. Diya says I will keep the jewelry back. Diya texts Arjun please talk to me.

The officer says see you in the jail. Karan tries to bribe him. He says not everyone is corrupt like you. Sign this paper that you have no record of your cash. Karan’s man says there is media outside. Karan says lock all the gates. I am trying to contact my people. Arjun calls Karan and says your dad can’t save you either today. Karan says how dare you.. Arjun says you got Diya attacked. THis is your game, just my turn. Now see how I get you exposed. He says I won’t let anyone shatter your dreams Diya.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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