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Tere Bina Jiya Jaye Na 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Jaya says no one knows that secret except for us. We have to plan next. Roma says we have to use Krisha carfully for our plan. Devraj says everything is going as per our plan, from her coming here and all the customs. Jaya says I know you don’t like using her but we don’t have another option. We don’t want do this to that innocent girl either. Roma says we are doing nothing wrong. Krisha loves Devraj and can do anything for him. And Devraj needs to use.. Devraj says I know what to do, never belittle her again. ROma says I am not. I am saying everything is going as per the plan, if the fire didn’t break, we could have tattooed that name on her hand. Devraj says we should drop that idea. Jaya says it’s very important part of our plan. Devraj says so is for Krisha to know the truth. Jaya says what are you saying? He says we shouldn’t tattoo anything on her name. Roma says okay then tell her everything about our plan. Let’s end all this. Just imagine what will she think about you once she finds out the truth.

Scene 2
Krisha sees the little alphabet on her wrist. She says what name must Devraj has chosen for me? Tara said it’s a small name. What could it be? Devraj comes. He says you should rest. Krisha says I am. He says by walking? She says it’s same. I was taking fresh air. He says in the room? Krisha says I was waiting for you. I knew you would come to see me. He says so you were keeping an eye on me? Krisha says I had to ask something. What does this mean? Devraj says what? She says what name did you choose for me? He says guess it. Krisha says how can I guess? I wanna know what name do you like so much that you want to tattoo it on my wrist. He says it didn’t happen. She says it could be. I would know about you otherwise I have many ways to take out the secrets. She tickles him and says Tricky used to spill all his secrets. He says I am not Tricky. She says okay let me increase the level of tickle. Devraj laughs. He pushes her to the wall. She says you look very nice when you smile. Rati comes and says I came to call you for dinner. No hurry. Krisha says I will find out that name.

Scene 3
Jaya says we are planning for Devraj and Krisha’s reception. Minakshi says I will make the list. Jaya says add three special people. Krisha’s parents and her brother. Krisha says you are calling them too? She says it’s your reception. They will come, I asked them to get ready. Minakshi says yeah they must get clothes tailored by Rampal. She laughs. Jaya says Aarav take care of Dev’s clothes. He says Minakshi and Ugra you arrange Krisha’s saree and dupatta and jewelry. Krisha says I saw a woman running yesterday in a dupatta. Jaya says Krisha have your food. Maharaj ji makes really good vegetable. Krisha says I was thinkning who that woman was? Raghav says I said there was someone. Candle didn’t fall on its own. What else did you see? Krisha says I couldn’t see clearly. Jaya says Krisha everyone was downstairs. It must be misunderstanding. Don’t think. Krisha says I saw her myself. Jaya says eat please. krisha says to Devraj the secret will be out. I will know the name you chose for me.

Scene 4
At night, Krisha texts Devraj list nf names. She calls him and says any of these? He says no. Krisha keeps texting him names. She says I won’t give up. Devraj tries to ignore her messages.

The next mornign, devraj coems for Arti. Rati says I don’t know how Krisha got late today. She comes for Arti every morning. Krisha gets ready. She says I got late because I stayed up all night to guess the name. Krisha takes out the towel from the drawer. She puts her hand in and finds a photo. She sees back side of it. It’s devraj’s wedding photo with someone else. Devraj comes and says Krisha everyone was looking for you. She doesn’t see the photo and drops it. Devraj sees it. He gets confused. She says tell me the name. It was in the list right? He says everyone is waiting. Krisha looks for her shoes. Devraj can’t go in. He looks at the photo. Krisha finds her shoes. Krisha says what was that name? Why did you choose it? Was it your ex-lover? He says arti. She says you chose Arti name for her? He says no everyone is waiting at the arti for you. Krisha goes downstairs. Devraj asks Roma to pick the photo from her room. Krisha says this house has so many photos. It looks like a suspense castle.

Krisha does arti. Jaya says we all wait for your arti. Specially Devraj. Stay happy. Devraj recalls what Roma said.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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