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“ Prachi, are u in ur senses?” asks Pragya angrily.

“ mom, yes…..” says Prachi and Ranbhir continues.

“ yes, Cheiftess , she is right. Meera aunty is Shahana’s mom.” Says Ranbhir supporting Prachi.

“ these things aren’t funny….” Says Abhi.

“ Papa, Shahana is my sister and I know what this talk means to her and I will never joke around about these things with her. Trust me, papa.” Says Prachi.

“ enough of this, Prachi.” Shouts Meera.

“ meera aunty….” Before Prachi could finish Meera interrupts.

“ It’s been 22 years, since I lost my child. It took me long enough to move on but I could never forget. I miss my child even today, so please stop this circus right here, Prachi.” Says Meera angrily.

“ stop it. I will not hear a word against Prachi. ” says Ranbhir.

Prachi tries to stop him but Ranbhir continues.

“ I understand it’s tough for u to accept he truth, but there is a limit for everything….” Before Ranbhir could finish Shahana starts speaking.

“ Stop it. both of u, Prachi and Ranbhir. I really appreciate ur effort, to unite me with my mother. I got married today and I want to be happy, so please stop this discussion here. Please.” Saying this Shahana leaves form there.

Aryan tries to stop her.

“ what if I say I have the proof, this pendant.” Says Prachi showing Shahana’s pendant to everyone leading Shahana to stop and turn back.

“ what is this pendant doing with u?” asks Meera.

“ I  thought I lost it. where did u find it?” asks Shahana taking the pendant from Prachi’s hand.

“ I found it in Meera aunty’s room.” Says Prachi.

In Past

Mehendi ceremony night

“ Prachi, my mehendhi hasn’t dried yet. Water bottle isn’t their in my room. Can u get me a water bottle to my room?” asks Meera to Prachi who has just come there.

“ ok, sure. Aunty.” Saying this Prachi goes to Meera’s room along with her.

She places the water bottle on the table and she notices the pendant on the table.

Prachi’s pov

“ it’s Shahana’s pendant. What is it doing here?”

“ Nice pendant, isn’t it?” asks Meera.

“ yeah, but…” Prachi gets interrupted by Meera.

“ it’s my daughter’s… ” Meera gets interrupted by Prachi.

“ what?” asks Prachi.

“yeah, I gifted it to my daughter when she was born.” Says Meera.

“ but there could be many pendants similar to this. Right?” asks  Prachi.

“ no, it’s impossible. It’s my family heirloom. My mother has given me and I gave it to my daughter when she was born. And this type of pendant hasn’t been made later.” Says Meera.

“ Did u lose ur daughter when she was having this pendant?” asks Prachi with her shivering voice.

“ yes.” Replies Meera.

“ How?” asks Prachi.

“ when my daughter was 6 months old. I and my husband met with an accident.  Fortunately, We left our child with a caretaker that day. My husband died in that accident and I slipped into coma. I woke up after 9 months in the hospital. When I came back, I heard that my daughter was taken by an orphanage. When I went their, I got to know that place was caught by fire and…..” Meera couldn’t continue but Prachi understands  and consoles her.

At present

Everyone are taken aback by the tragedy happened in Meera’s life.

“ and this pendant has been with u from birth , right Shahana?” asks Prachi.

“ hmm, I think so. I mean that’s what I believe.” Replies Shahana lost in thoughts.

“ what do u mean by that?” asks Prachi.

“ wait, Chieftess , how did u find Shahana?” asks Ranbhir

“Ranbhir….” Says Pragya looking at Shahana as she didn’t want to say anything about that infront of Shahana.

“ I know what u are thinking. But, Shahana is no more a kid. U can talk in front of her.” Says Ranbhir to which Shahana’s agrees.

“ I never thought that I had to talk about this again in my life. Shahana asked me many times that how I found her, but I refused to answer. Not because it is something bad, but…….. leave it. But if now is the time, then listen, 22 years back….. that day, I was travelling in a bus. The bus suddenly stopped. Many children were being taken in another bus. And there was no more place. So, a aged women along with a nearly 1 year old child got into our bus. And.. she passed away in the middle of way. And nobody knew the address of that orphanage, so…. I decided to adopt that baby.” Says Pragya looking at Shahana whose eyes are now filled with tears.

“so, I was just ur ……..” before Shahana could finish Pragya interrupts.

“ stop. Never even think about it. This is what I feared. I was scared that u will think like this. Listen to me, u are my daughter, I have brought u up in that manner. So never think about it.” says Pragya to which Shahana nods in agreement and hugs her.

“ so, was the pendant with her when u found her?” asks Abhi to which Pragya nods in agreement.

“ could it be that someone has given to Shahana form Meera’s daughter before she was found by Pragya?” says Pallavi.

“When Prachi said me about her conversation with Meera aunty, I also though of it. So, we collected hair samples of both Shahana and Meera aunty and these are the results.” Says Ranbhir showing the reports in his hands.

Meera who is almost convinced that Shahana is her daughter by now, she snatches the reports from Ranbhir’s hand and opens it desperately. She gets shocked on seeing the report and looks at Shahana with her emotional eyes widened. She drops the reports and moves towards Shahana. Meanwhile, Pallavi picks the reports and gets shocked and remaining everyone sees the reports and react in the same way. Meera moves towards a confused Shahana and caresses her face emotionally. She hugs Shahana and cries.

“ finally. Finally, I found u. after 22 years. U were infront of me but I couldn’t identify u. I am so sorry baccha.” Cries Meera and Kisses Shahana’s hands and then her face and then hugs her again.

But Shahana is still confused. Aryan understands that and passes her the reports. She is astonished on seeing the reports positive. Shahana emotionally looks at Meera. They share an emotional whereas everyone smiles. Shahana looks at Pranbhir. She goes to them and takes both their palms.

“ Sorry, for saying too much to u. And thanks, for uniting with my mother. Really, this is the best wedding gift. Thank u so much.” Saying this she hugs Pranbhir.

“ I am also sorry. I said too much, I am sorry Prachi.” Says Meera.

“ it’s ok, aunty.” Says Prachi.

“ no, it’s not. And thank u. I bless both of u to be happy like this forever.” Says Meera.

Aryan and Shahana takes blessings from Meera and she makes Shahana wear that pendant. Everyone praises Pranbhir for uniting Shahana and Meera.

“ okay, enough of crying. It’s time for ur special night, I can’t call it first because it isn’t, well, it’s for Sunny bhai and Kiara di….” Before Prachi could finish she get’s one tap on her head from her mother whereas all the three couples faces turn red with shy.

“ there is a lot of Ranbhir’s influence on u. u have really changed a lot after ur wedding.” Says Vikram.

“ ok,ok, let’s go.” Says Ranbhir before the situation get more awkward than it was.

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