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Sasural Simar Ka 2 15th January 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Aarav telling Vivaan and Aditi that they both are his life. Aditi says someone forgot his partner in crime. Aarav asks if I can forget you. Aditi thanks him for making her bhabhi as her bhabhi again. Reema looks on. Aarav asks Simar, are you sure, you want to do this and tells that the walls are big, but their hearts are small. Simar says we have crossed first way, I am sure that the way is difficult, but we will win eventually. Reema says Simar acts to find happiness, I hate her. Vivaan asks them to come for grah pravesh, and says lets go. They hold each other’s hand and walks on. Sasural Simar ka plays….

Vivaan and Aditi open the door happily. Simar touches the doorway. Aditi asks them to stand there and asks Vivaan to come. They bring flower garland and ties on the door. Then they bring rice kalash, colored water and flower petals plate. Sasural simar ka plays…..Vivaan showers flower petals on their way. Aditi says all the happiness, prosperity and love will return in the house with Bhabhi’s grah pravesh. Simar kicks the kalash and gets inside with Aarav. She keeps her feet on the colored water plate. Aditi and Vivaan shower flower petals on them. Simar enters the house with Aarav.

Reema sees Simar’s grah pravesh and gets angry. They come to the inhouse temple. Simar prays to God to give her strength so that she can bring her family together, and says do some miracle so that they can understand Aarav ji and my house. She asks her to make the house as sasural simar ka. Aarav prays to Mata Rani and says Simar has taken a big challenge, she is soft at heart, don’t let her trust break on love and trust.

Reema brings Badi Maa there. Badi Maa gets angry seeing them praying in the inhouse temple and sees Simar’s footsteps impression on the floor. She calls Shankar and asks him to get the outside dirt cleaned now itself. She asks what is going on in my house. Vivaan asks them to complete the puja. Aditi says I will do their tilak. Badi Maa asks Sandhya to stop Aditi. Sandhya asks Aditi to stop it. Aditi does Simar and Aarav’s tilak and does their aarti. Shankar and other Servant bring buckets of water and mop. Badi Maa asks them to clean it. They stand looking on the floor. Badi Maa picks a bucket and throws the water on the foot impressions. Aarav and Simar looks on. Badi maa tells that wherever this girl goes, clean the floor properly. All the Servant start wiping the floor. Reema asks Simar to stop acting infront of Mata Rani. Vivaan asks Reema to mind her language. Reema says you are bothered about my language and says why she is doing puja, when everyone is upset.

Simar says di is right and asks Vivaan to take them to his room. Vivaan asks them to come. Badi Maa says today I have seen cruelty, cheapness etc and says today she has crossed all the limits. Chitra says you said right, we have never expected this from Simar. Vivaan asks until when you will insult them. Badi Maa says we can’t compete with her thick skin. She tells everyone and Servants that they might stay in Vivaan’s room, but they will be invisible to everyone. She says if any Servant, driver, cook etc are caught talking or signing them, then that Servant will be thrown out. Vivaan says you have promised me Badi Maa. Badi Maa says I have promised you, but outside your room, I will rule in this house. Vivaan asks them to come inside. Aarav says I will remember your gift given in grah pravesh. They get inside. Vivaan takes them to his room. Simar falls down. They help her get up. Aditi says I am sorry. Simar says I am fine. Aarav says grah pravesh happened, if you say I will take you from here, why to bear all this. Vivaan says even I can’t bear this, and will leave with you both. Simar says nobody will go from here. She says we deserve this, and shall bear this bitterness until the relations gets better. She says we have come here to convince them and will convince them.

Precap: Badi Maa tells Reema that she can think about the promise given to her, and for that you have to throw your shameless sister out of the house. Vivaan tells Aarav and Simar, that if Reema misbehaves with them or troubles them, she might be Simar’s sister, but will not be his wife anymore. Reema shouts Vivaan and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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