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Aur Bhai Kya Chal Raha Hai 10th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Mishra returns home and asks Brij if Shanti prepared food. Brij says she is about to serve food. Mishra rushes to kitchen. Bittu gives Bluetooth earphone and connects his mobile on conference call to watch Mirza’s conversation with Sakina. Mishra walks to kitchen and requests Shanti to prepare pakodi kadhi for him. She denies and scolds him and orders to silently have dal chawal or prepare it himself. Mirza walks to Sakin and requests her to prepare tangdi kabab for him. Even she scolds him and orders to have aloo palak sabji.

Bittu taunts Mishra and Mirza for being wife’s puppets. Mishra and Mirza feel offended. Shanti insists Mishra tell why he wants to have pakodi kadhi today itself. He thinks if he breaks his promise, Brij will be in trouble and says he just feels like having his favorite dish. Shanti scolds him brutally again. Brij asks reason. Mishra says Bittu. Brij gets severe stomach pain. Mishra gets tensed recalling Bittu’s curse that Brij will die if he reveals the secret. He apologizes god. Brij calms down and says he feels as if there as no pain at all. Noor also gets severe leg pain and when Mirza seeks god’s forgiveness, even her pain subsides.

Bittu taunts Mishra and Mirza to accept their failure and bear punishment of blackening their faces. Mishra and Mirza deny to accept their defeat as they didn’t set a timeline. Kanta says they will never lose then and asks them to accept defeat in 4 days if they fail to convince their wives to prepare their favorite dishes. Mirza and Mishra agree.

Mishra and Mirza discuss to get their work done via force if not by request. They both order their wives to prepare their favorite dishes, but their wives deny. They both try to reveal the secret when Brij and Noor start getting pain again. They both pray god for forgiveness. Noor says she is feeling pain since morning. Mirza says the only solution is tangdi kabab. Sakina denies. Mirza denies to have food until she prepares tangdi kabab. Sakina decides to leave home, but Noor stops her. Mirza says he will not enter the house until tangdi kabab is made and sets his bed in lawn. Mishra does same.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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