Fans slam makers of Anupamaa for the execution of Anuj and Anupamaa’s Mehndi; trends Stop ruining Anupamaa on Twitter – Telly Updates

The popular show Anupamaa is currently focusing on a romantic track between Anupamaa and Anuj Kapadia. The show is currently witnessing the wedding sequence Anuj-Anupamaa’s aka #maan. However, it looks like the fans who were waiting for a long time for this sequence are not pleased with the execution of the wedding track.

The fans are clearly upset with the focus on Vanraj’s feelings of jealousy watching Anupamaa move ahead in life. Apparently, the fans are disappointed with how the makers have turned a beautiful track into one that has ruined the charm of love in the storyline. The fans are now trending ‘Stop ruining Anupamaa’ on Twitter.

A user wrote, “Honestly the amount of close ups we had of Vanraj … itna toh uski aur kavya ke shaadi ke time par bhi nahi thi.Why to ruin everything with negativity Isiki teesri shaadi lagti hai atp #Anupamaa STOP RUINING ANUPAMA”

Another called the latest episode the worst episode and wrote, “Today was one of the WORST episodes of #Anupamaa since 357. This happening during a #MaAnKiShaadi celebration is disheartening!”

One of the fans even called it the worst execution and listed out the factor that ruined the episode. He wrote, “#Anupamaa Worst execution of the whole mehendi Sequence The mehandi was pathetic! The dance sequence was out of the place & not exciting at all! Overdoing of Constant Zooming on Vanraj’s face! It was so irritating to watch “Perfect moments ruined perfectly” STOP RUINING ANUPAMA”


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