Karan Kundrra talks about his journey from being a judge, to a contestant to a jailor; says, “I don’t want to be a contestant again” – Telly Updates

Karan Kundrra garnered a lot of love and appreciation for his latest stint as the jailor in Lock Upp. During a recent interview with ETimes TV, Karan talked about his journey so far. He also opened up on his transition from a judge, then contestant to a jailor.

He shared, “My journey as Jailor has been pretty much a rollercoaster ride. I had emotional, sometimes high, low and I had to take a lot of tough decisions, and sometimes I even had to come in the middle of the night to sort out issues, but we had some of the best contestants as Qaidis. I think that’s what made the show, it is always about the contestants. The soul of the show is always about contestants. Whenever I’ve worked on a show like Roadies, Love School, I’ve always had a connection with the contestants. That’s what happened here but this was a lot more hardcore for the contestants as well as the backend team. I would like to thank the camera people behind the show, to the editors, to the people who would get food, makers, creatives, and everyone involved has done a fantastic job that’s why we were number one.”

When asked what will he miss the most about Lock Upp, Karan replied, “I will miss the feeling of responsibility because now I am not watching Lock Upp as someone who is getting entertained from it. I am watching Lock Upp as a responsibility because I’ve to guide them or they don’t miss their direction. Sometimes they make mistakes and it’s always nice to have someone who has a better perspective and can tell them what their mistakes were. That part of the format was really nice.”

Talking about his transition from being a judge on Roadies to a contestant on Bigg Boss 15, Karan said, “I think it was a transition from a judge, to a contestant and a jailor, I don’t think I would want to be a contestant again because I don’t know what it was for me. I am very glad and proud that I was behind the scenes for this show. I now realize that when I was a contestant we didn’t know how much hard work was being done by the people outside the show. What all it takes to shoot an episode and get a telecast or to create a journey and now that I’ve seen that part, I think I am better off behind the scenes.”

Before signing off, the actor shared, “Jab Tejasswi enter hui, I forgot that I was a jailor. But it was a lot of fun. We were in Bigg Boss together, there were cameras here also around us and it felt like that, but the biggest embarrassment was that I forgot that I was a jailor. The contestants also started teasing me ‘bhai aap toh ab jailor he nahi lag rahe, Karan Kundrra ban gaye ho’. It was beautiful, amazing and thanks to her she actually took out time and come here.”

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