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Swaran Ghar 10th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Micky saying Ajit has gone out to get the people to the stall. Swaran says he will get a headache. Teacher says thanks, we liked the stall, we liked your husband and your chemistry. Ginni takes her along. Swaran asks the girls to have Aam panna. Divya says I want to know about dad. She asks Dhillo to tell the truth about Ajit and help her. Dhillo says Ajit has gone, he didn’t stop on my saying. Divya says he doesn’t love you. He says he loves me. She says then he would have not left you, he loves me, where is he. Jai and Ankita tell her about Swaran. Divya says I will go and ask Swaran why she kept dad away from us. Swaran gives Aam panna to Ajit and asks him to come inside. He says let me do some publicity of the stall. Nimmo says they have come close. Swaran asks Ajit to go to the dhaba. He says Sukhi will handle things, he will call if needed, I forgot my phone at home, come. Nimmo stops and sees the fan. She sees Swaran coming with Ajit. She pours some water on the floor. Swaran slips down. Ajit holds her in arms. The rose petals fly by the air and fall over them. Nimmo and Kiran smile. Swaran’s dupatta gets caught by the fan. She gets choked. Ajit gets shocked. He shouts. Everyone is shocked. Ajit shouts switch off the fan. Micky goes to unplug the fan. Nimmo says they are acting, they aren’t husband and wife. The people shout and don’t hear her. Amber hears her. Micky asks someone to help. Ajit bites the dupatta by his teeth. He then tears the dupatta to save Swaran.

Swaran falls unconscious. Ajit checks her. He asks someone to get water. He asks Swaran to get up, nothing will happen to her. He sprinkles water on her. Swaran gets conscious. The lady says that man loves his wife so much, he saved her. Nimmo and Kiran fall down. Swaran sits and drinks water. They all ask her is she okay. Swaran says yes. Ajit asks are you mad, if anything happened to you, what would I do. He gives her a dupatta. She says no, you got this for Divya. He says I will buy another one for her, take this, don’t argue. She wears the dupatta. Jai and Divya come to Swaran ghar. He says promise me, you won’t get angry, you will stay quiet. She says I will see who is Mrs. Bedi. Kiran tells everything to Vikram. She says Nimmo will spike their drinks, it will be fun now. Vikram says I will call you later, send me their pics. Divya says I have to meet Swaran. Vikram asks why. Nimmo spikes the drinks. She sends it for Swaran. Swaran drops it down. Ajit gives the other glass to her. Swaran drinks Aam Panna. She goes to get freshen up. Amber praises Ajit’s entry. Ajit drinks. Nimmo and Kiran smile. Ajit asks who will save me now from Divya, I got this dupatta about you, she will create a storm if she knows I gave this to someone else, she thinks she has copyright on me. He talks of her. They go to the stall. Divya scolds Vikram. Vikram says you behave like your dad, illiterate, your dad is saying such a thing that people blacken his face. Jai and Divya get angry. Vikram says Ajit is with my mum at the school, like he is her husband, go and check, everyone is calling him Mr. Bedi. Vikram gets a call from lawyer. He says I will meet you somewhere outside. He asks them to go and see Ajit’s deeds. Divya asks Jai to take her to the school. They leave.

Swaran and Ginni’s team is declared the winners. Everyone hugs Swaran. Swaran thanks Kanwal. She asks everyone to come. She looks for Ajit. The lady asks Swaran to tell them, why she chose beauty products. Swaran thanks everyone, and then Ginni. Ajit comes. Swaran thanks Kanwal and then her daughters. She recalls Ajit. She smiles and says I would like to thank someone on stage to thank, Mr. Ajit…. Ginni interrupts and says I will get him. Ajit smiles.
The episode ends

Update Credit to: Amena

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