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Recap: Sirat bonds with Naira, Kairav and Akshu. Mr.Chauhan calls for Ranveer’s doctor. Mr.Chauhan is blackmailed

Shernis into action

There never was a woman like her . She was gentle as a dove and brave as a lioness

Goenka Villa 

The entire Goenka family except Surekha chachi is gathered there. Rhea is also not there. Sirat, Maudi, Rohan are there with them along with Naksh and Keerthi.

Swarna: Kartik as per your words Surekha has taken Rhea to the kitty party

Kartik: Thats good maa. We cant trust her while discussing the plan

Naira: Kartik…par..

Kartik: Naira we cant take risk in this matter thats why

Manish: Ab chalo batao kya karna hai

Naksh: Papa as per plan we have already contacted the doctor. He has accepted to take one of the ladies as his nurse

Sirat: Then Can I go with him?

Naksh: Sirat …tum…

Sirat: Please Naksh ji 

Naksh: You can call me bhaiya…

Sirat: Naksh bhaiya…Ill go with the doctor to save Ranveer.. please…please…please

Kartik: Bas..bas…you go with him

Naira: Sirat be careful

Sirat: I will be 

Naira: Then Kartik lets go…appointment time is here

Rohan: Naira …what should I do?

Naksh: You and me will be waiting for Sirat and Ranveer behind the Chauhan house so that they escape easily 

Keerthi: Ill also come with you

Akhil: Beta how will you get out?

Kartik: Chachu we got a solid plan

Manish: Solid plan hai beta?

Dadi: Do it safely. Bring Ranveer safe home

Everyone get the blessings of the elders and get out for the plan.
Chauhan House evening 5 pm

Mr.Chauhan rushes out of the house. Ranveer’s mom comes there

Mr. Chauhan: Im going out for an important work. Doctor will be coming here to see Ranveer

Ranveer’s mom: Ranveer…

Mr.Chauhan: Didn’t you hear me ?

He stares at her making her silent. Mr.Chauhan calls the guards

Mr.Chauhan: Make sure that nothing goes wrong in my absence 

Saying this he goes out. As his car speeds into the lane, Sirat,  and the doctor rush into the Chauhan house

Doctor: Sirat ji…I have agreed for this risking me

Sirat: Dont worry Doctor sir…nothing will go wrong 

Sirat and the doctor reach the room where Ranveer is held captive. Sirat gets emotional to see the iron gate at the entrance of the room. The guard opens the iron gate for them and they are about to enter. The guard follows them. 

Doctor: Can you stay out?

Guard: I cant leave 

Doctor: We have to examine him. We cant have others inside

Guard: Okay fine Ill lock this gate and wait out for you

The gate is closed. Sirat rushes into the room and finds Ranveer standing in a corner trying to peep out of the window at the top.

Sirat: Ranveer….

Ranveer is shocked to hear her voice and turns to her. He is unable to believe his eyes

Ranveer: Sirat…tum?

Sirat is about to jump on him to hug him but she slips and holds his collars for support while he holds her waist to support her. 

Sirat: Ranveer….finally…finally I have seen you

Ranveer: Sirat… are here for real na…Im not dreaming na….I cant believe it

Sirat: Ek punch doon…taaki tumhe yakeen hojay?

Ranveer: Baap re…When professional boxers cant stand your punch what will this bechara do?

Sirat: Then come with me..lets leave

Doctor: How can that happen? He is waiting out. Ranveer is ill too.. he cant rush like that

Sirat: Wait a minute.

She texts Naira something 

Sometime ago, Cliff

Naira walks to meet Mr.Chauhan. Kartik is waiting for her in the car. Mr.Chauhan is shocked to see her and thinks her to be Sirat

Mr.Chauhan: Tum?

Naira: Kya hua Sasurji? You thought you can kill me?

Mr.Chauhan: Did you call me?

Naira: Yess…

Mr.Chauhan: Finally you proved that you want my money

Naira laughs out loud

Naira: Money was to bring you here. Who wants that money

Mr.Chauhan: Then what do you want?

Naira: Ranveer

Mr.Chauhan: By that you want all my property

Naira: Property property everything earned by crime. Should I inform the police and give the photos to them?

Mr.Chauhan : No …please dont

Naira: Then set Ranveer free

Just then her phone clings with a message from Sirat

Message: All ready here. Reached Ranveer

Naira: I know that you have kept Ranveer under capture. Release him now. Or else the pictures will go to police.

Mr.Chauhan plots something and nods his head. He calls the guard

Mr.Chauhan: Set Ranveer free

Guard: Sir…

Mr.Chauhan: Set him free. Inform others too. Let him be free

The call disconnects. The guard informs others and opens the iron gate. As soon as he opens the gate Sirat walks out and gives him a tight punch knocking him down

Sirat: No one will stop us now. Chalo

Ranveer is confused but he doesn’t question Sirat. With her help he walks out of the room. 

In a parallel the cliff is shown

Mr. Chauhan: I have set him free…give me the photos

Naira: Why not?

Naira turns to go to the car when she is suddenly pushed off the cliff by Mr.Chauhan 

Mr.Chauhan: Do you think Im a fool to let him out

Mr.Chauhan rushes away. Kartik is confused to see him leave. He hops off the car and walks to the cliff.

Naira hangs from the cliff and shouts HELP…HELP

Kartik is shocked to hear her. He rushes to see her hanging. Memories of his fall flash as he leaps forward and holds Naira’s hand

Kartik: Naira..Ill save you…at any cost

Kartik pulls her up and within moments Naira is on the ground and Kartik pulls her into a tight hug.

Kartik: Naira…Naira…

Naira: Kartik….when you fell I wasn’t able to save you but you…

Kartik: Shut up Naira…when I saw you hanging I realised what could have been your state when I fell down……it must have been hell

Naira: Par…unlike me you saved me

Kartik: Me falling was not your mistake…me saving you is my duty….

Naira: Mr.Chauhan….he pushed me and left..what if ….

They break the hug

Kartik: Ill call Naksh and ask him to opt plan b

Kartik calls Naksh. Within moments 

Naksh: Rohan…Keerthi…plan b..we have to rush in

Rohan: How?

Naksh: Call Sirat…now

Sirat and Ranveer are walking out. Sirat’s phone rings

Rohan: Sirat….plan b….plan b…

The call disconnects 

Sirat: Ranveer…act like fainting… sir…act like calling ambulance….come on

The doctor follows her words, at the same time Mr.Chauhan who is on the way is calling The guard who was standing near the iron gate but he who is knocked out doesn’t pick the call. He gets frustrated. While at Chauhan house Naksh, Rohan and Keerthi is disguise as an ambulance staff rush in

Mrs.Chauhan: Who are you?

Naksh: The doctor called us…where is he

Mrs.Chuahan tells the directions 

Naksh , Rohan and Keerthi rush there with a stretcher . Ranveer is shocked to see them

Sirat: Ranveer I know you are confused…bear it till we reach out….lie on the stretcher 

Ranveer obeys. Naksh and Rohan take the stretcher and rush out followed by the doctor  Keerthi and  Sirat. Mrs.Chauhan is shocked 

Mrs.Chauhan: What happened to Ranveer

The guards are also gathered around them.

Sirat: Madam ji..your son collapsed..we need to take him to the hospital. 

In the commotion Mr.Chauhan’s calls go unattended.

Mrs.Chauhan: Ill also come

Keerthi: Madam ji….you can directly come to hospital if you want. We cant allow family in ambulance. 

Ranveer is rushed to the vehicle parked outside. Everyone get in

Sirat: Thank you so much doctor sir

Saying this the car rushes on its way. As the vehicle and the doctor rush from there. Mr.Chauhan reaches home. 

Mrs.Chauhan: Ji…lets go to the hospital 

Mr.Chauhan: Why?

Mrs.Chauhan: Ranveer….

She tells everything . Mr.Chauhan is totally angry and confused. He shouts in agitation.

While Scene shifts to the vehicle with Ranveer and others. Sirat calls Naira and Kartik and tells about the happenings

Kartik: We did it guys…come home soon..we have to leave the city now

Naira: What? Why?

Kartik: We cant stay here ..once Ranveer has escaped Mr.Chauhan will go to Jaisalmer….we cant hold Mukesh in hold too as coach sir cant stay back , we have to release Mukesh and if Mr.Chauhan meets Mukesh everything will come out in open

Naira: Those pictures cant we use them

Kartik: No Naira…if he knows he is getting caught…he will not hesitate another murder. He just now pushed you

Naksh: What? Kartik?

Kartik: Naira is safe Naksh..other things later. Come home. We are leaving for Silvassa

Naira: We cant run forever right

Kartik: Haan but atleast till Ranveer and Sirat marry we have to run. 

An hour later everyone leave for Silvassa after Sirat had explained the past to Ranveer and everyone get introduced to him. The episode freezes 

Precap: Silvassa

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