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You touched my heart Season 2 Part 3

Aman:Sameera Vyas…she has no father.Her mother nurtured her.she is the one who stole ASR’s heart.ASR was obsessed with her.But ….


Am:ASR decided to surprise Sameera on her birthday.He made me decorate his guest house and awaited for Sameera.

Flash back…

The door bell rang.Arnav was excited.

Arn:Must be Sameera.

He opened the door in excitement.

It was another girl.

She:Can I come in?

Arn:How can I let a stranger come in?

Without bothering that she came in and closed the door.

Arn:What the hell!What are you doing?

She:I am Sheetal.I am sorry.Some goons are following me.So I entered the house to escape from them.

Arnav opened the door and looked outside.

Arn:No goons now.Guess they left now.So you can leave.

Shee:How can I leave now?It’s night.I am scared.

Arn:What do you mean?Do you expect me to make you stay here tonight?I don’t even know who you are.And why are the goons following you?Are you a suspect of any case?

Shee:No no.I work in call centre.I was on the way back home.Did’nt get any vehicle.So I walked.At night when a woman walks lonely on road you know what happens.Right?That is what happened with me also.Sorry.But please help me.If I go out now I am scared whether some one will…

Arn:Oh…I could have dropped you home.But I can’t..because my girl friend is coming now.

She looked at the decoration.

Shee:Surprising her?

Arn:Yes.Today is her birthday.

Shee:That’s nice.I can also be a part of the celebration.


The door was not closed properly by Arnav.Sheetal saw a shadow.

She guessed that some one was coming.

Suddenly she embraced Arnav.At the same time Sameera came inside.

Seeing a girl in Arnav’s arms Sameera was frozen.

Arnav was shocked by Sheetal’s sudden embrace.


Sh:Please Arnav…don’t leave me.

Arnav was shocked.He thought:How does she know my name?

Sheetal shed crocodile tears.

Sh:If you leave me I will die.

Arnav pushed her:What nonsense are you saying Sheetal?

Sh:Don’t be cruel at least for the sake of our baby who is in my womb.

Arnav-Sameera were shocked.

Arn:You liar!

Arnav slapped her.

Sameera shouted:Arnavvvvvvvvvvvv!

Arnav was shocked to see Sameera.


Sam:Yes.I am here.God made me come here on time to see your true colour.


S:Are you not ashamed to hurt the woman who got spoiled by you?

Arn:No Sameera…it’s not true.I don’t even know who she is.

S:Really?If she is a stranger what is she doing in your guest house at night?

Arn:She came here for rescue.She said she was followed by goons.

S:Enough Arnav.I am not innocent like this girl to not believe what I saw with my eyes.

Arn:Trust me Sameera.

Sheetal looked at Sameera:Don’t trust this heartless monster.He gave me hopes and dreams to bed me.He used me.Finally when he got you he left me brutally.He doesn’t even care about our baby.

Arnav was shocked.

Aman who was upstairs came down hearing noise.

Arn:Sameera…don’t believe her.I have only loved you in my entire life.

Sameera slapped Arnav.

S:I don’t need you Arnav Singh Raizada.I hate you.

Sameera walked out.

Arnav cried pleading:Sameera…don’t go.I beg you.Don’t leave me.I have not cheated you.

Without listening to him Sameera got inside the car and went.

Smirking Sheetal went out.

Aman held Arnav:ASR…tell me what happened?

Arnav told him everything.

Am:Oh ASR…why did you let that stranger girl come inside?

Arnav cried:Aman….Sameera is not believing me.He broke up with me.I can’t live without Sameera.

Am:Please don’t say like that ASR.Forget it.

Arn:No…I can’t.

Unexpectedly Arnav hit his head on the wall.





Aman:ASR fainted down losing too much of blood.He got admitted to a hospital.He was unconscious for a few days.Though he recovered he  had lost his mental balance completely.

Brutal Sameera.Because of her only ASR became like this.She never loved him sincerely.If her love was true she would have listened to him once.She would have trusted him.

Khushi:But why did Sheetal do that?I don’t understand.

Am:Even I don’t understand.

K:Did you enquire about Sheetal?

Am:Not really.But once in the news paper I saw her photograph.She requested ASR to save her from the goons who tried to molest her.But actually she was a call girl who used to spend nights with high class men for a luxurious life.Once she was caught in a raid and thus her photo came in the news paper.

Khushi was shocked.

Am:But she was released soon.May be under the influence of her one of the high class companions.

K:But why did she frame Arnavji?Just to seduce him for money?I don’t think so.Some how I feel that the person who saved her from the case is connected to what happened to Arnavji.

Am:Khushi…I think you are right.It’s so foolish that we didn’t have this thought before.

K:Amanji…I need your help to find out the truth.

Aman smiled:I will help you for ASR Khushi.I am sure that we will be able to reach the truth.

K:Where is Sameera now?

Am:I have no contact with her now.But she is helping her mom in Business now.She is looking after Vyas Industries.

K:I am going to meet her.

Anjali saw Arnav weeping.

Anj:Chotte…what happened?Why are you crying?

Arn:Where is Khushi?I miss her.

Anjali became upset:Don’t worry chotte.Khushiji has gone for an important work.She will come soon.



Anjali caressed him painfully:Promise chotte.

Khushi came.

Anj:Khushiji…chotte is upset not seeing you.He is addicted to you.


Arnav ran towards her and hugged her.Anjali smiled through tears.Khushi embraced him back.

Arn:Please don’t leave me alone and go.Why did you leave me?

Khushi felt sad:Sorry Arnavji…I will not leave you.

Arnav smiled like an innocent kid.

Khushi went to Anjali’s room.

K:Di…I am going out.

Anj:Where Khushiji?

K:I will tell you later.But understand that it’s our Arnavji’s bright future.


Anj:Ok Khushiji.I know that you are thinking of chotte’s betterment.You go.I will take care of chotte.If I call his friends here he won’t be upset in your absence.

K:Thank you di.

Khushi went to Sameera’s office.

The receptionist informed Sameera:Ma’am…one guest for you.She says that she is your old friend.

Sam:Ok..ask her to come in.

Khushi entered her cabin.

Sam:Sorry.I don’t recognize you.Were you my school class mate?

K:No.I simply lied to get an appointment with you.

Sameera was irritated:But why?

K:I am Mrs.Khushi Kumari Gupta Singh Raizada.Means Arnav Singh Raizada’s wife.

Sameera was shocked.

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