Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update: Surya’s Surprise Gift For Gehna – Telly Updates

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Gehna calls Shreya and informs her she found a way to reveal the truth to Surya. Shreya feels excited and asks how. Gehna asks her to visit home for that. Shreya asks how can she. Gehna says it’s her son’s house and has a right on it, she will meet her at the party tonight. She then returns home and is surprised to notice the room well decorated and Surya sleeping. She thinks Surya made the decoration for her and slept after getting tired. Surya silently showers flowers on her. She feels more surprised and walks to him. He tries to kiss her. She feels shy and asks what is he doing. He says he is wishing her happy anniversary. He tries to get closer again, and she runs from there. He chases her and falls on bed after catching her. Ab tum Hi Ho.. song.. plays in the background. He says he will give her a gift if she stares into his eyes for 5 minutes, 2 for 10 minutes, 3 for 15 minutes. She asks what if she looks into his eyes for her whole life. He expresses his love for her. She kisses his forehead. He demands a lip kiss. She prays god to keep evil eyes away from their love.

Suhani tries to wake up Sarika. Sarika dreams about losing her necklace. Suhani slaps and wakes her up and says Surya is getting closer to Gehna, which is not good for them. She says if Surya learns the truth, Gehna will be queen of the house and they will be left as a maid. Sarika imagines them as a maid. Suhani informs her that Shreya is supporting Gehna now and determines to fail Gehna’s plan at any cost.

Surya gifts a saree to Suhani. Suhani reminds servants not to add tomato or tanginess in food as Surya should avoid it. Surya says he doesn’t need anything else his life as he has a loving wife and mother and says their happiness is his priority. Suhani tells him that even she wants to gift him something on his special day. She then asks him to gift the saree to Gehna. He says he bought this sari only for Suhani. Gehna overhears their conversation. Servant receives a letter and hands it over to Gehna. She opens the letter and finds Surya’s birth certificate in it.

After some time, Gehna gets ready for the party. Surya blindfolds her and takes her to the lawn saying he has a surprise for her. He gives her a gift. She recalls how he snatched her mangalsutra earlier. He takes her to the mandap and shows her a mangalsutra. He then expresses his desire to take pheras with her once again and marry her wholeheartedly. She hugs him emotionally. They exchanges garlands and complete pheras. He puts mangalsutra in her neck and puts vermillion on her hairline. She emotionally looks at him. Serial’s title track plays in the background . He asks her for a kiss, and she feels shy.

Precap: Surya tells Gehna that he was searching her since long and says she is his necessity now. Suhani orders servant to kidnap Gehna.

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