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Spy Bahu 11th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Sejal sits with her parents. They’re asleep. She cries recalling her childhood with them. She recalls how Minal hugged her when she came for the first time. She cries. Sejal leaves. Sejal looks at baa and Mamba. He caresses Mamba’s face and recalls her moments with him. She touches baa’s feet. Sejal leaves the house. She walks on the road. Sejal comes to a shrine and prays. She recalls her childhood as Mahira. Sejal cries. She recalls meeting Fareed. Sejal sobs. She recalls Yohan talking about the plan. She cries and says Fareed.. She says this Yug killed my brother. He could live a good life. He died as a terrorist. She cries. Sejal says now see how I destroy your life Yohan Nanda. Sejal burns his photo. Sejal says now you see how I complete my mission.

Minal wakes and says Sejal.. She’s not around. Minal is scared. She wakes Saras up. Minal says Sejal used to come to use when she was scared in childhood. Her pillow is wet. Where is she? She finds a letter. Minal reads you taught me if we ever have to fight for our own people we shouldn’t back out. I am taking this difficult decision. Forgive me if you can. Saras read, they’re both shocked.

Scene 2
Sejal shoots Yohan’s statue. SK says take all your anger out here. So we can plan what to do next. You have to control your emotions. Sejal points a gun toward SK and Tanhaji. Sejal says my plan is clear. I know how to take revenge on this Yohan. Tanhaji says that’s not how you take revenge. Sejal says that’s also not how you kill brothers. Give me your car keys. Tanhaji gives him the keys. Sejal says don’t come after me. She leaves and locks them.

Scene 3
The function is going on at Yohan’s place. He sees Sejal’s back and goes after her. She leaves. Aleesha says who are you looking for? That servant. Aleesha says you haven’t said sorry to Vyom. Yohan says I won’t. What happened, it was right. He deserved it. Aleesha says then let me go and punch Drishti to. We will be even. She walks towards Drishti. Yohan grabs her arm and says don’t you dare.

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