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RadhaKrishn 13th May 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Padmavathi asks Srinivas to close his eyes as she wants him to guide to the temple. He closes his eyes, and she holding his hand takes him to the temple and asks him to open the eyes now. He opens eyes and seeing a special decoration asks what is special today. She says she wants him to wear her gifted jewelry as promised while teaching her dance. He wears jewelry. She thinks she will prove Bhargavi that Srinivas belongs to her and not Bhargavi.

Bhargavi returns Vasu’s gift and says she doesn’t want him to misunderstand that something can happen between them. Vasu says he respects her feelings. She excuses herself. He then walks to Bhrigu and king and lies that he called Bhargavi to the palace as Bhrigu doesn’t let her go out of house. King scolds him for wasting their precious time. Vasu fumes seeing his insult and determines to marry Bhargavi at any cost.

Bhargavi searches for Natraj temple and gets lost in the huge palace. She notices Govindraj and seeks his help to find Natraj temple. Govindraj says Srinivas must be teaching dance to Bhargavi there at this time. Bhargavi insists him to take her there. He thinks she is eager to meet Srinivas. They reach Natraj temple. Bhargavi gets sad seeing Padmavati apply gulal/red color on Srinivas’ cheeks and says it reminds her of their first meeting. She further gifts him lotus attar/scent and asks him to apply it whenever he teaches her dance. Srinivas tries to leave. She insists him to teach her dance right now. He agrees and dances with her.

Bhargavi gets more sad seeing that. Srinivas stops seeing her. Padmavathi notices her next and asks when did she come. Bhargavi says she shouldn’t have come at this time. Padmavathi reminds her that she called her here and expresses her fondness for Srinivas leaving Bhargavi in tears. Their discussion continues. Padmavathi says she knows Bhargavi looks kumar Vasu. Bhargavi looks at Srinivas.

Precap: Sriniva informs Padmavathi that he promised Bhargavi to make her world’s best dancer. Padmavathi says she will have a face off with Bhargavi and asks what will he give her if she wins. He says whatever she wants.

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