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Parineeti 9th June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Neeti tells wrong right and left to Sanju. He says give me the map. She says did you get the map? He says I can never be mad at you. She says let’s go home and clean it and arrange everything. My friend will drop mummy to my place. She had to come anyway. Sukhwinder says thank you for making me part of your pooja. You all have to come to my daughter’s wedding. The maid comes and says there’s taxi strike. Mohit says I will drop you no worries. Pari says I will come with you too. Simi says there are other guests in the house too. Sukhwinder says it’s okay Pari you stay here. Gurinder says it was nice meeting you. Chandrika brings her bag. Pari says you should’ve stayed. Sukhwinder says where is Rajiv? Pari says he’s stuck in work. Sukhwinder leaves.

Neeti and Sanju clean the house. She shows him the mangalsutra. Rajiv recalls it’s the same as Pari’s. He says it’s very pretty. Neeti says clean it now. Mummy must be coming. Neeti asks Sanju to hide. She says my mom is old school. She won’t’ like seeing you here. She’s from a village. Please hide. Mohit is outside with Sukhwindere. Neeti opens the door. She hugs Sukhwinder. Mohit is about to come in. Sukhwinder says come have tea with us. He says I’ve to leave in a hurry. Neeti takes Sukhwinder inside. Rajiv sneaks out. Sukhwinder says it’s such a nice house. Neeti asks Rajiv to leave. Sukhwinder comes, and she asks what is he doing here? He says I came to return this purse. He leaves. Sukhwinder says girl and boy shouldn’t meet like this before marriage. She says Pari and his in laws are very nice. Neeti says my Sanju is also like Rajiv.

Scene 2
Pari recalls her moments with Rajiv. She smiles. Rajiv comes in. Pari says I was waiting for you. He says sorry.. She says I know you work very happy. Just drop a message. He says sure. Pari says to see the moon. She says this is a full moon. And thanks because of you I got to see you. I was waiting for you and got to see it. She sleeps. Rajiv says mostly wives get mad when their husband’s come late. She says I wanna understand you. Rajiv feels bad. She sleeps on the sofa.

Scene 2
Neeti says Sukhwinder I am going to the office. She says it’s your wedding in 2 days. Neeti says Pari will handle everything. She will bring everything. Sukhwinder says you’re bothering her so much. Neeti says she’s my wedding consultant. Her career started because of me. She leaves. Pari buys flowers. Rakesh’s goon sees her. They call Rakesh and tell him they saw Pari. Rakesh says really? He says yes she’s in front of us. The video call him. Rakesh says my Pari. She looks so pretty. Pari leaves. The goons follow her taxi.

Pari brings everything to Neeti’s house. Sukhwinder says you got everything? She says yes but a lot is left. I’ve to go and get it. She goes to Neeti’s room. Rajiv comes in. He meets Sukhwinder. She says sit. Let me make tea. He says I will make it. She says you’re SIL of this house. He says I am your son. He goes to kitchen. Pari leaves the house. Pari sees the goons in the street. Rakesh comes there.

Episode ends

Precap-Rakesh kidnaps Pari. Rajiv runs after them. He fights with them. They stab him.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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