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Sirf Tum 22nd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Asha telling that family stands on the trust and tells that they are with Vikrant, whom they trust. Mamta asks didn’t you hurry up and says only family members are involved in this, and says you and your son are outsiders. She says I shall show your right place to you. She says you shall feel ashamed, I felt pity on you and permitted you to stay here, and you tried to loot my sindoor. She says sindoor looks good on married woman and looks nautanki on others’ forehead. She asks her to leave and says there is no place for you here. Asha asks Vikrant to say something. Vikrant shouts Mamta. Mamta shows her hand signing him to stop. She holds Asha’s hand and throws her out of the house. Ansh comes and holds her. Ranveer is about to go, but Suhani stops him. Ansh looks angrily. Mamta shows the sindoor bottle and says this is the one which you want to snatch from me, I have seen your dream in the room. She says I will make it reach the right place and throws the bottle down on the floor.

Asha says you are proud of your home and sindoor, but I have learnt one thing in life that time changes soon. She says today you have insulted and thrown me out, this is not the end, but just the beginning. She says I will return to get my rights, this is my promise. Vikrant looks at her. Asha and Ansh leave from there.

Mamta does the aarti in the house, and makes Suhani have sweets, asking her to start afresh. Dada ji says we have decided to go to your house and ask for your hand for Ranveer, and the marriage will happen tomorrow. Samaira says I declared you as my bhabhi. Ranveer asks Mamta if he shall go and drop Suhani home. Roshni asks him not to meet her until marriage is done, and says this is the custom. Ranveer says this is not custom, but the society is our enemy. Mamta says I will ask John and Raghu to drop her. Vikram asks Vikrant why he is not saying anything. Vikrant says to win big fights, have to leave small fights, and says a big blast is going to happen and asks him to wait and watch.

Ranveer’s family comes to Rakesh’s house. Mamta asks them not to do any formality and call Suhani. Suhani comes there. Sudha brings the snacks. Nikky brings Suhani downstairs. Suhani sits with everyone. Dada ji says we like Suhani from day 1, and says if you all permit then we ask her for Ranveer. He says Suhani will be Ranveer’s wife and our bahu. Dada ji thanks him. Rakesh says you came here and respected us so much, and says I can just say that Suhani is yours too, like she belongs to us. Dada ji asks Mamta to give her shagun. Mamta gives her shagun. Suhani smiles. Mamta does all the rituals and make her wear chunari.

Rakesh says I want to say to Mamta ji and Dada ji. He says after whatever happened with my daughter, think that we are sleeping with open eyes and feel that something bad will happen. He says now her marriage is decided, but I am afraid that someone bad sight might fall on her. Mamta assures him that nothing will wrong with their daughter in their house and asks him to keep his eyes open, to bless her and to see her happiness. She says marriage will happen tomorrow.

Asha brings Ansh to some old deserted house. Ansh asks what is this place? I can understand your pain, what are you searching? Asha walks towards a trunk. Ansh asks what is inside it? Asha opens it and looks at the bridal clothes. Ansh says I am in tension seeing you like this and asks her to say something. Asha says Mamta called us outsiders and think you as illegitimate. She says nobody will call my son with this name, this will never happen. Ansh smiles.

Nikky applies mehendi to Suhani. Suhani asks how much time is left? Nikky asks her to keep on dreaming. She says it seems like you are on a horse. Suhani thinks Ranveer will come to meet her and she can’t wait.

Precap: Ranveer comes to the marriage venue with his family. Suhani also comes there with her family. He sees three mandaps and calls Manager. Manager says I was told that three mandaps are needed here. Vikrant comes there with Asha in marriage clothes and tells her that she is Asha Vikrant Oberoi from today. Asha smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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