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Anuj tells Anupama that he is doing all this for her as he doesn’t want Vanraj and Leela accuse her and speak to her in a high tone. He says even he has a limit to his patience and requests her to stay away from Shah family for a few days. Anupama says Kinjal is becoming a mother, then how can she let her alone in this situation; she will handle Mr. Shah. Anuj asks if she could handle Vanraj in 26 years and says Vanraj has a mental issue and not even himself can handle him; he says he is very annoyed with Vanraj’s behavior and doesn’t want to see his face at least for a few days.

Pakhi confronts Vanraj for shouting at her and says it was an accident. Vanraj shouts enough.. Pakhi replies he is enough.. Leela asks what happened, why are they arguing and where is Kinjal. Vanraj says Pakhi had gone to party at Anupama’s house and Kinjal got hurt there, both baby and kinjal are safe by god’s grace. Leela says they shouldn’t have gone there. Vanraj says she should explain it to Pakhi and says Pakhi went there by disobeying him. Pakhi says she has gone on him and says he conveniently ordered everyone not to go there, but she will visit her mummy’s house at any cost. Vanraj warns that nobody will go there. Pakhi runs to her room crying.

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