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Banni Chow Home Delivery 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

Banni teaches dance to Yuvan. Bin Kuch Kahe Bin Kuch Sune.. song plays in the background. They both enjoy each other’s company. Manini and Niyati smirk looking at them. They walk in, and Manini asks why they are singing and dancing alone. Banni says Yuvan wanted to surprise Niyati with a dance performance during their engagement. Niyati says there is no need for that and drags Banni out. She says she didn’t like her dancing with Yuvan and asks she felt bad and weird seeing a home food delivery girl reaching Yuvan’s bedroom and teaching him dance. Banni says her thinking is dirty to imagine this, Yuvan is an innocent boy who wants to learn dance.

Niyati warns Banni to stop her her philosophy as she is getting married to Yuvan who is an adult and would be romancing him and having kids. Banni says Yuvan just needs just love and is like a kid. She asks servant to get Yuvan’s food as its time to feed him. Devraj walks to them and asks what is happening. Niyati complains that she is trying to take care of Yuvan, but Banni is stopping her. Banni challenges her to feed Yuvan without any issues, then she will never enter this house or else nobody can stop her from visiting this house again and feed food to her customer. Niyati smirks looking at Manini and accepts Banni’s challenge.

Manini walks to Yuvan’s room. Yuvan gets afraid seeing her. Manini asks him to calm down and says Banni got her hand injured and went to the doctor, so Niyati will feed him food. Yuvan says he will not have food from dirty girl Niyati’s hand and would have food only from Banni’s hand. Manini frightens him by shooting the darts and asks him if he wants his friend to be more hurt. Yuvan says no. She asks him to have food form Niyati’s hand then and leaves messaging Niyati to make sure Banni doesn’t enter Yuvan’s room.

Niyati warns Banni to not enter Yuvan’s room till she finishes feedig him and takes food to Yuvan’s room. Devraj thinks let him see how she will feed Yuvan and hopes Yuvan doesn’t have food or else Banni will not come back to him. Yuvan resists to have food. Niyati says Banni prepared food. Yuvan says he will have it as Banni is injured and has visited a doctor. She takes a bite towards his mouth. He stops her and asks when will Banni come from the doctor. She says tomorrow for sure. He says he will have food then. Devraj asks Banni to go near the door and listen to Niyati’s conversation. She does. Yuvan hears Banni’s anklet sound and says Banni is here. Niyati tries to stop him. Yuvan frees himself, and Niyati falls down.

Manini with Banni and Devraj walks in. Yuvan asks Banni where is she hurt as Manini informed him that she is injured. Devraj says Niyati is injured instead. Manini scolds Yuvan for pushing Niyati on floor and injuring her. Yuvan says Niyati forcefully held his hand and says even Manini showed her bad manners by lying to him. Banni stops him and asks him to apologize Niyati. Yuvan asks her to feed him first. Manini threatens him to apologize first or else she will not get food. Banni confronts Manini for stooping low to prove her words and says since Yuvan is not her own son, she didn’t even realize that Yuvan is hungry. She challenges Manini that she will visit Yuvan daily and serve him food.

Precap: Myra hopes Banni marries Yuvan. Banni steps inside the house stepping on red color. Devraj and his sister say Myra’s words will be true soon. A goon takes his alliance for Banni.

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