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Swaran Ghar 23rd June 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ajit seeing Aarav hiding. He tells a story and gets Aarav out. He catches Aarav. He says come, I will tell you the story. Aarav says Swaran and you only play with Dhillo. Ajit says its nothing like that. Aarav asks what shall I call you. Ajit says call me Bade Papa as Dhillo calls me. Aarav says Swaran used to play with me before, now she doesn’t. Ajit says don’t get sad, even I can do this. Bebe shouts Swaran. She scolds Swaran. Yug comes beating a plate. Bebe stops him. Nakul says enough of fights, Yug got a good news. Yug says I got a lead role in a big movie. Bebe asks really. Yug takes her blessings. He says we should party, we will party like dad used to do, I understood that time is always right for celebrations. Aarav says singing and dancing, wow. Ajit says yes, I will teach you, we both will dance. Swaran plays the piano like Kanwal. Everyone smiles. Aarav asks who is playing this beautiful song. Ajit says Swaran. He dances with Aarav in his room. Swaran and Bebe dance with Yug, Nakul and Neelu. Vikram and Kiran look on. They get Vikram to dance along. Swaran hugs Bebe and cries happily. Swaran gets a call. She seems shocked. Bebe sees Ajit dancing in his room with Aarav. She shouts and asks Aarav to come out. Ajit and Aarav come out. Bebe gets angry seeing Ajit. Swaran opens the door. Everyone sees Divya. Ajit worries. Divya says I will stay here. Vikram asks what nonsense. Ajit asks is everything fine in your Sasural. Divya says yes, they are happy. Bebe says everyone can come here and stay. Yug says maybe she came for some reason, we should know it. Kiran says her dad’s name is in the will, so she has a right to come. Ajit asks what happened. Divya says I m pregnant, you are going to become Nanu. Ajit hugs her. Vikram and Kiran joke. Ajit asks what are you saying. Bebe asks Swaran why did you get her here. Swaran says I m a mum, like you. Kiran says even I m a mum for Aarav. Nakul says let Swaran complete. Swaran says Divya needs care from her Maayka. Bebe says this isn’t her Maayka. Vikram says ask them to leave. Divya says Jai and Ankita went out, where will I go. Bebe says take your dad home. Swaran asks how will Ajit handle Divi alone, I can’t let them go this way. Divya says I want to share my happiness with my dad, he is my mum and dad.

Swaran asks would you do the same if Divi was your granddaughter, we create a reason to hate, Divi’s child is getting love, will we give him hatred, how will we call ourselves humans, we got a chance to do something good, let me do it. She folds hands. Ajit says we will go, I will take care of you. Bebe says wait, my heart isn’t so small to not take care of a pregnant girl, she can stay here. Vikram asks why are you keeping here here. Bebe asks Ajit to stay in the outhouse and Divya will stay in the guest room. Kiran asks how will she stay here. Bebe asks her to go. Ajit hugs Bebe and thanks her. He says sorry, I called you Bebe. Swaran asks Yug to take Divi’s bag. Divya sees Bebe and recalls…, Bebe calls Divi and says tell Swaran that you are pregnant, support me in sending your dad with you. FB ends. Bebe thinks I will see how long Swaran and Ajit’s friendship stays, and how long he stays here. Ajit asks why did Divi call you, she could have called you. Swaran says she might have thought how to tell you. He says I don’t find this right that she came here to stay. She says Bebe asked Divi to stay here, I will take care of her, I m there. He smiles. Divya says I did what you told me, Swaran didn’t doubt me, tell me why did you call me. Bebe says if you can fool your dad, then you can fool Swaran also. Divya says no, I want to take my dad from here. Ajit and Swaran have a talk. She asks him not to think much, everything is fine. She shows the kite and says I got this gift for you. He says I got much hurt in childhood while flying kites. She says I will take care of Divi, I know what she should eat and when she should take rest, its our test, we will support each other. She laughs. Ajit says thank God that you are with me. O Jaaniya….plays….

The episode ends.

Update Credit to: Amena

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