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Scene 1
Dev asks Krisha what she wants before starting a new life? Krisha says I always dreamed of getting a prince but now I want to share small happiness with you like walking together in the evenings and having tea. Dev says I always wanted a simple life but after losing my parents, I had to become a royal and take on responsibilities. I fulfilled my duties but I couldn’t share happiness with you. I promise you that if I have to choose between love and duties then I will choose my love. I promise to be always with you now. Krisha smiles and hugs him.

Dev and Krisha come back home. Jaya blesses them and says I want to welcome Krisha again as a bride. She does their aarti and Krisha kicks the kalash before entering the house. Jaya thinks I will separate them soon. Vamika tells Dev and Krisha that I am happy to see you both together and I want to apologize for my mistakes. Dev says I forgive you but don’t do that mistake again. The police brought the MP there and say he was behind Dev’s attack. Dev says why? Jaya says because we were supporting his opposing party. Dev tells the MP that you wanted me to do corruption which I denied so you sent your goons to attack me? Krisha says he should be jailed. Jaya says Dev should decide on his punishment. Krisha says we can’t take the law into our hands, just arrest him. Dev says I agree. The MP gets arrested and is taken from there. Krisha tells Jaya that I want to do a pooja for Dev and me. I want to call my mother’s Guru. Jaya says we always do our poojas with our royal priest only, that’s our rule. Dev says if Krisha wants to call her Guru then I don’t have an issue. Krisha calls her guru. Vamika whispers to Jaya that Dev is just following Krisha’s orders now, you have lost the power.

Dev and Krisha find a worker trying to lock the door. They ask Jaya. She says there are evil powers behind this door. I have asked the worker to close it as it was never opened before but it got opened 2 days ago. Krisha says we can’t close it like this if there are evil powers behind the door. She ties a sacred thread on the lock of the door.

Krisha’s guru does pooja in Dev’s house. Krisha tells Guru that I am looking for small happiness but we keep getting into trouble. Guru prays for them and says your room is in the wrong direction. If you want peace then you have to change your room. The guru goes outside the evil room and says this room will be best for Dev and Krisha. Jaya says there are evil powers behind this door. Guru says I didn’t find any evil power around here and I think this will be the best room for Dev and Krisha. Dev tells Jaya that if Krisha’s guru thinks this is the best room for us then we will shift to this room. Jaya says if you want that then we will do it. She asks them to pack their stuff to shift, all leave from there. Vamika tells Jaya that love makes people blind and Dev has been blinded by Krisha, he is just listening to her only.

Krisha meets her parents. Sudha says we are happy to know that Dev is keeping it as a priority. Her father tells her that their doors are always open for her. Guru comes there and blesses Krisha. Someone is keeping an eye on Krisha. Krisha’s parents leave. Krisha thinks I will move to that room if it means blessings for Dev and I.

The episode ends.

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