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The Episode starts with Abhi saying lets see if Yohan will lose his life or Sejal’s trying. Sejal finds the clue in the swimming pool and thinks about the old door in the house. She comes to the room which is having an old door and comes inside. She shouts calling Yohan and thinks if Farid bhai gave a wrong clue. She falls down and prays to Ambe Maa for help. She thinks to search somewhere else, and is about to go, when the light above Aarti’s photo frame flickers. Sejal sees the wall and knocks on it. She gets a tool and breaks the wall to see Yohan. Yohan is still unconscious. Sejal breaks the wall more and asks Yohan if he is fine? She takes him out and asks him to open his eyes. She checks his pulse and heart beat. She pumps his heart with her hands and rubs his hands. She shouts for help. Everyone comes there. Aarun and Krish take him outside. Veera asks what happened to him? Abhi looks on. Sejal cleans Yohan’s injuries. Krish asks Yohan if he is fine? Yohan says yes. Shalini says I am getting goosebumps thinking what could have happen with him. Minal asks who did this with you. He says I couldn’t see his face, I sat in the car to go and meet Sejal, when I was kidnapped. Sejal thinks to tell Yohan about Farid when alone, or shall expose him with SK’s help. Yohan asks Sejal how she came to know, as they came with the planning. Abhi asks Sejal to say how she came to know. She recalls the deal and says today I had kept fast for Yohan and I got the fruit for it. She says Yohan didn’t come to meet me, so I came home and searched him, but he was not found. She says then I reached storeroom and saw Mummy ji’s pic. She says she saw the wet wall, got doubtful and broke it. Veera praises Sejal. Abhi says I will start the Police investigation and goes. Aarun asks where is Shera, how this thing have happened? Yohan says someone did this with perfect planning and even our security couldn’t catch them, they are the ones who planned Mumbai attacks. He says Shah had to lose his life due to them, they are the ones who wants to harm my family. He says they tried to kill me.

Sejal says you need to rest now. Yohan says my family is in danger. Sejal says we can’t put our family in danger. She is about to faint and gets dizzy. Minal says Sejal didn’t break fast and wants to open it with your hand, she is hungry since yesterday.

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