Didi No 1: Ek Ekartti imitated her in front of Rachna Banerjee, actress feared losing her job -Hdmoviefreedownload

One of Zee Bangla’s most popular game reality shows ‘Didi Number 1’. Rachna Banerjee has been working as host of this show for a long time. He talks to different kinds of people every day. All of them live from small to large. However, in the recent episode, Rachna Banerjee appeared with some young people. There, one of the conductors imitated her in front of her, which surprised Didi herself. Recently, Rachna Banerjee has been practicing based on that scene.

Recently, a petite Anushka Chatterjee appeared on the stage of Didi Number 1. In this episode, Anushka was dressed exactly like a conductor. It did not end with the dress, this one piece imitated Didi exactly in front of Didi. The words spoken by Rachna Banerjee standing on the stage of ‘Didi Number 1’, these words are exactly like her. The actress herself could not remain silent after seeing this act of hers. After that he said that he is scared to see Rachna Banerjee who is better than him. Anushka was also seen smiling after hearing this.

Episode Chalakali Anushka also reveals that she watches ‘Didi No. 1’ on television every day with her mother. He likes to watch this reality show. And by watching this show every day, he has memorized the host’s dialogue. On this day, Anushka herself exposed her mischief on this stage. Apart from studies, Anushka loves to sing and dance. Later, he sang his favorite song ‘Neel Digante’ to fulfill Rachna Banerjee’s request. Rachna Banerjee praised her after listening to her songs. Apart from the presenter, a section of netizens also liked this video, it will be clear if you look at the comment box of this video. Note that this part of the latest episode of ‘Didi Number 1’ has been shared from the official page of Zee Bangla.

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