Bollywood actress Rekha wears sindur even after her husband’s death 32 years ago, the big reason came out -Hdmoviefreedownload

The evergreen icon of the Bollywood world, Rekha has won the hearts of people from eight to eighty with her acting skills. In the list of old Hindi movies, multiple hits can be seen in the name of Rekha. Rekha leaves behind even the actresses of today in terms of beauty or acting magic. He is always brave. He is very fluent in his own rhythm, breaking social taboos and breaking out of the barrier equation. There are thousands of critics about him, criticism has been going on for ages. But don’t care. Bolly is an evergreen beauty who likes to live by her ideals.

Bollywood actress Rekha wears sindur even after her husbands death

Many people fell in love with Rekhaji’s beauty once upon a time. Rekha’s Bollywood career is well decorated with multiple hit movies. Along with Bali’s career, Rekha came into practice for her relationship with Big B i.e. Amitabh Bachchan. Sometimes there is a storm of discussion on social media about this. Many people think that Rekha never sat on the marriage ladder for this Amitabh Bachchan. But in today’s report, I will tell you a truth that Rekha is not Chirkumari. Few people know that Rekha was married to a man who died almost 32 years ago.

Bollywood actress Rekha wears sindur even after her husbands death

Although many people do not know this, it is true that Bollywood actress Rekha has been married before. But Rekha’s husband died 32 years ago. Her husband’s name was Mukesh Aggarwal. But still vermilion is seen in Rekha Sinthi on various occasions. Why did he read vermilion? In memory of the dead husband or any other reason? There was a lot of discussion about this in the internet world. But the actress said that she wears vermilion only for fashion. Besides, he has no other purpose.

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