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Sylvester Stallone, the veteran action hero, has criticized the creation of the spin-off under the boxing drama franchise “Rocky,” calling the announcement of “Drago” “another heartbreaker.” His remarks came after he criticized Irwin Winkler, the director of the “Creed” movies and the producer of the series, for allegedly depriving him of the franchise’s rights for almost 50 years.

Stallone, the star and writer of the Oscar-winning 1976 movie “Rocky”, took to Instagram on Saturday to lambast Winkler and his children without taking names. “Another Heartbreaker… Just found this out…ONCE AGAIN, PATHETIC 94-year-old PRODUCER and HIS SELFISH USELESS CHILDREN are again picking what has left OFF THE BONES of another wonderful character!!! (sic)” the 76-year-old actor wrote about Drago, the character played by Dolph Lundgren in the series.

“Seriously, how do you weasels look in the mirror???” he added.

Earlier this week, MGM Studios announced “Drago”, which will focus on Lundgren’s Russian boxer of the same name, which he portrayed in 1985’s “Rocky IV “, as well as his son Viktor Drago (played by Florian Munteanu), who debuted in “Creed II”.

“Creed” series, fronted by Michael B Jordan, is itself a spin-off to Stallone’s iconic “Rocky” franchise.

In his post, Stallone also apologized to his fans. “I am sorry to the FANS, I APOLOGIZE to the FANS I never wanted ROCKY to be exploited FOR THIS GREED.# no shame #sad day #Parasite (sic),” he added.

He also posted a message on his social media mentioning Winkler and said, “Return my right, Bloodsuckers”!

Stallone called out Winkler directly in his message again, referring to him as the inexperienced and explorative producer of Rocky and The Creed. 

Meanwhile, the studio is gearing up for the release of “Creed III”, which marks Jordan’s directorial debut. The film is slated to be released on November 23.

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