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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 2nd August 2022 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Abhi wishing Akshu and hugging her. He asks are you happy. She says a lot. He says everyone loves you, their love is always with you, remember this. She says you are always with me, in my heart, my heart just beats for you. He says even my heart is copying you. He hugs her. She thinks I will give you a return gift, Dr. Kunal’s yes. He holds her hand. Jaaniye….plays… He says you look so good. They have an eyelock. They get close.

Everyone bursts the poppers and claps. Akshu sees the cake. She says Abhi wrote this, right, just you can write A like this. Neil asks is she praising or pulling leg. She says I m praising, there is no one like Abhi, cake is good, nice harmonium. Abhi asks what. She laughs and says I was joking, let me say thanks with a promise, music has always been my passion, since you gave it imp, I value it even more, I promise I won’t let this dream go away. She makes a wish and cuts the cake. Everyone sings the happy birthday song. She feeds the cake to Abhi. Hamari banno pyaari…plays… She gets gifts from everyone. She sees Harsh’s gift. Mahima gives a voucher and says go together and celebrate the birthday again. Shefali says its Abhi’s turn now. Manjiri says he won’t gift in front of us. Parth says we also want to see. Abhi gives a beautiful black hoodie, with Oye hoye written. Abhi says I wanted to give her something that she didn’t have, this hoodie will make her cut off from the world, it will give her power, she forgets to take care of herself, I m there for her, but I can’t do what she can do for herself, I got this hoodie to make her realize this. Akshu smiles hearing him.

He says I know it’s a simple gift, you are an extraordinary girl, wear this hoodie when you want to cutoff from the world, spend some time with you, make a relation with yourself. Manish says any husband can give jewellery to his wife, you have shown her the life’s truth, nobody can do this, amazing. Abhi says light is overrated, we forgot the value of darkness, diamond shines in darkness more. Neil says Akshu got cut off from you by wearing the magical hoodie, what will we do now. Parth asks what’s his mantra now. Abhi says its Akshu’s wish to hide, if she hides from me, then she remembers my tandav. Akshu laughs. Neil says we will have a group pic. They take pics.

Harsh gets Anand’s message and pics. He smiles seeing the pics. He recalls the family. Abhi signs Parth and Neil. The light goes. Akshu says check the inverter once. Abhi calls her out. They all see him with the guitar. He says I m going to try this today, you are my motivation. Abhi feels pain in the hand. Akshu worries. She says I got your message, don’t hurt your hand. He says I don’t get hurt when I do something for you. He plays the guitar and sings Dil ko tumse pyaar hua… He stops playing. He says I m sorry Akshu, I couldn’t do this well. Akshu goes to him and plays the guitar. He completes the song. Everyone claps for them.

Kairav sees Anisha in the family pic. He says I m seeing you through the lens, don’t know when will we meet, call once, clear the things. Manish says we will talk. Dadi says it’s the right time, talk right now. Suwarna says yes, how long will he wait for Anisha. Manish says okay we will talk if you say. Kairav says no, its Akshu’s day today, we won’t spoil it. Dadi says maybe Anisha’s parents know her wish. Kairav says we shouldn’t pressurize her. Dadi says we don’t know anything. Kairav says we won’t talk today. Akshu shows the gift to Abhi. Driver gets Akshu’s phone and prasad. He hands it over to Aarohi. Aarohi goes to Abhi and says sorry, I can’t tell you anything, Akshu will get angry. He goes to Akshu. He asks Aarohi not to interfere. Abhi says I know, you refused for your own reason, I don’t want to know, why did you go to Dargah, is anything troubling you, tell me. Akshu says I went to meet Dr. Kunal Khera.

Akshu gets Dr. Kunal’s call. She says he said he is ready to meet you. Anisha comes home. She says I have a big surprise for all of you. She proposes Kairav for marriage.

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