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Alia Bhatt gave the good news of becoming a mother after just two months of marriage. But at that time he was working on his first Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’. It is an action film. In an interview about this film, Alia told about acting in the film while pregnant.

Alia said her first Hollywood film ‘Heart of Stone’ was a big project. But at that time she was just pregnant. ‘Heart of Stone’ became a big challenge for Alia. Being an action film, Alia had to do a lot of running around in ‘Heart of Stone’. But his co-stars Gal Gadot and Jamie Dornan stood by him. Alia said that the makers of ‘Heart of Stone’ also helped her a lot. This film will be released on Netflix very soon.

But because Alia Bhatt is a star, maybe everyone wants to know about her acting in action films while pregnant. But women have been bringing this challenge since the birth of the world. Pregnant saleswomen ferried from house to house in the hot sun. Anganwadi workers also work in pregnancy. Alia also got the privilege of riding a four-wheeler. That doesn’t happen to most women. One of them is Madhuparna Kumar, a former teacher of the famous Scottish Church College in Kolkata. In 2008, she traveled to college by bus despite being eight months pregnant. Later he became a professor at Calcutta University.

If you want to see more examples, go to Santal Parganas. There, pregnant tribal girls are constantly struggling for life. Because women are truly decagonal.

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